Small Business Ideas In Nigeria 2013

These are small business ventures in Nigeria  that a person can invest in to enable them to manage their spare time as well as to be able to do something constructive and productive with their lives. These ideas when exploited are also very helpful as they are a source of income to the business person. When a business idea is exploited with the right resources and capital it becomes a successful small business that keeps growing continually as well as making profit for the business person.

Setup A Sports Bar
This is a business venture that requires a lot of income to setup but once its up and running it’s a very profitable business venture for the business person. Many people like to go watch games at the bars especially the champions’ league, premiership matches as well as world cup and main football events. Setting up a sports bar where services like the DSTV are also provided ensures that clients are able to view their favorite football matches as well as other shows that they are interested in. 
The common mwananchi is not necessarily able to have access to DSTV services at their TVs at homes due to shortage of funds so the availability of the sports bar where these services are easily accessible becomes efficient since such citizens can be able to enjoy their favorite shows at a price they can afford. The issues of poor power supply in the area also make this business more appropriate to venture in.
Setting Up A Cosmetics And Fashion Accessories Store
Most people especially ladies invest a lot in their looks and they always want to look glam. This means that they are willing to spend a lot of money to be able to look good and to dress well always.
Businesses that cater to women needs are therefore bound to grow. Embarking on selling cosmetics, jewellery, fashionable cloth items, handbags and shoes will be a very successful business idea.Small Business Ideas In Nigeria 2013 
 Real Estate Agencies
People working in the big towns and cities are in dire need for reliable and affordable apartments to live in.
A lot of capital is required to startup the business but the returns and the profits are a motivational factor to the business person.
Event planning
This is also another business idea that is bound to boom in a very short period because people will always celebrate various occasions such as weddings, birthdays, graduations, job promotions, launching of new products as well as promotion of company products.
The initial capital is bound to be a lot but the business venture s worth the effort and the funds. The major point is that events happen on a daily basis and most people do not have the time to plan for these events. Normally, everyone wants the event to be perfect and memorable hence having a company that caters for such services would be very helpful to the masses. Most people are willing to spend a lot of money on events hence someone who decides to embark on event planning will be smiling all the way to the bank.
Selling of Smart phones and Blackberry.
Smart phones and blackberry phones are on high demand in Nigeria hence a business a person who embarks on selling these phones will be a very happy person. Smart phones such as Samsung galaxy are on very high demand.
Selling of recipes
People love to eat good food and well tasting delicacies. Most people also like to try out new foods and hence they embark on purchasing cooking recipes to try and cook. Embarking on this business idea would be a nice way to earn extra income to a business person.

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