Small Business Ideas In The US 2013

United States of America  (U.S) is a land of many business opportunities. In case you are wondering the kind of business to start in U.S, here are some business ideas that would help boost your income if well invested in terms of time and capital as well as energy.
Small Business Ideas In The US

Home day care business

In most places one does not need a license to run a babysitting service from if you keep the number of children below a certain number. With many parents having to work which means being away from home and from their children, deciding to offer home based childcare services could be a great way to earn extra income as well as spend time at home with your own kids too.

  Yard work business

This does not take any special experience to carry out any one with a rake can do this. Most landscapers will cut, but they do not do activities such as weeding, leaf raking, snow shoveling, planting, hanging or removing holiday decorations. Most home owners don’t have time to carry out these activities for themselves. With little more than some work gloves and a ladder, you could be in business in no time.

  Running Errand service

The recession has in some ways made people busier than ever. With working for long hours, and with increased responsibilities for people, there is a lot of things that are left undone. Coming up with a way to provide these services would be a great way to earn extra income. Running various errands such as helping pay bills and dropping off dry cleaning does not require much all one needs is a car and a cell phone to do this job. Dong a good job and impressing your employer will help you get more customers very fast which will be good for your business.

Starting a computer maintenance business

Someone who has a technical background and is familiar with technical stuff can engage in providing particular computer maintenance services which would help them earn a great deal of cash. One provides services such as desktop cleanups, printing services and hookups, antivirus and software installations as well as software downloads.

Offering cleaning service

Cleaning people who work for themselves can make $30 to $40 per hour. If you are one of the people that love to clean this could be a good idea to exploit and make some money. With or without the recession, there are an ample number of people still looking for a little domestic assistance.

Pet sitter

with or without the recession some people will pay a lot for their pets well being. Pets are people too (or so many pet owners believe). If you are an animal lover, are reliable, organized and trustworthy, there's no shortage of work for you in the U.S. The key is in keeping your customers satisfied. This will ensure that you will have more customers and hence your business will grow. Nothing soothes a pet owner more than a good recommendation from another animal lover.


If there's one thing to be learned from the overabundance of reality shows dealing with hoarding, it's that Americans have too much possessions. Most debris collectors do not have the time or skills required to organize it all. If you are a person who likes to organize and create order out of chaos, then starting an organizing business could be for you. A nice way of earning extra income.


Even though translators are needed from time to time, most businesses and organizations can’t keep one as a staff. As America becomes progressively more multilingual, everyone from insurance companies to doctors find themselves in need of foreign language speakers to help interact with their customers and to communicate effectively. If you can speak a foreign language, are organized and can come up with a good marketing plan, you may find you have more work than you can handle.


Any owner of a website is in constant need for new content for their website. This is because search engines favor websites with new, relevant, comprehensive and constantly updated content. Most businesses do not have the time to be able to generate such content on a daily basis. Someone with a background in writing or in journalism can be able to get a lot of demand for their services. There is a lot of writing to be done and they pay so its an extra way to earn income and can be done as a part time job and from anywhere.

 Elder assistant

There is no experience needed for this business. One does not need to be a nurse to be able to take care of elderly people. Most old folks would prefer to keep living on their own though they might need a little help in carrying out various activities such as house chores, grocery shopping as well as bill paying and many others.
This can be done by a person who is friendly and willing to help out. It’s a simple way of making extra income. Most families are more than willing to pay for such services especially when it’s from a responsible, trustworthy and reliable person.

Setting up a Restaurant

Setting up a kiosk, cafe, full service eateries as well as take out and fast food business venture is bound to be a successful venture because people must eat and most people are too busy to get time to prepare their own home made foods. Setting up an eatery for instance would be very efficient especially for people who work for long hours as well as those that cannot cook.
All one needs is to have enough capital to rent out a space and to purchase the equipments needed for cooking the food and for serving and all those other activities. One also needs to recruit trained and experienced staff to work at the restaurant.

Clothing store

Clothes are one of the basic needs for humans. Setting up a clothing store would be very successful venture. All one needs is to focus on the target market and to ensure that the clothing commodities they offer are what the customers really need. If for instance the business person is targeting the young population he should embark on supplying fashionable items as well as those that are currently in fashion; for instance the current trends. All one needs is capital to attain the store fast as well as to buy the stock. Once that is done, the next step is to establish a concrete customer base for the clothing commodities.

Salon business

Hair and beauty industry has grown tremendously and it would be wise to venture in this kind of business. Ladies invest a lot of money on their hair and their looks in general and there is no doubt that some of them would pay whatever it takes to maintain that glamorous look. There is no denying that every lady wants to be admired so they really watch out on their looks. Opening a saloon to offer hairdressing services as well as sell beauty products would turn out to be a great success. The saloon could also offer massage services as well as pedicures, nail art, facials and manicures. This would ensure maximized profits for the business person.


Events happen everywhere and everyone wants to keep photos for the memories of such events. Setting up the photography business is thus a very good business idea and if well invested in, in terms of capital and time could be very successful. Most people who host events such as wedding ceremonies and birthday parties as well as graduation parties require professional photographers to take photos during those events so as to capture those memorable events.
Start-up capital needed is a little demanding but if well monitored and if it succeeds it’s a very profitable venture. Providing high quality services and products will help to attract customers as well as retain the existing ones which is the secret to a successful business venture.

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