Top 10 Richest Americans 2013

William Henry "Bill" Gates III is 58yrs old now as he was born on the October 28th 1955. Gates is an American business entrepreneur, philanthropist, author and investor. Gates is the current chairman and former CEO of Microsoft, (a software company that he founded with Paul Allen). He was the richest man from 1995 to 2009 although in the 2008 he was ranked 3rd richest person in the world. Gates maintains as the largest individual shareholder holding 6.4% of the company’s’ stock. 

He has also written a couple of books and co-authored others. Bill has pursued several philanthropic activities such as donating big money to a variety of scientific research programs as well as charitable organizations through the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation that was established in 2000. Bill Gates gave up his position as the chief executive officer of Microsoft on January of the year 2000. 
Gates however maintained his position as the chairman of Microsoft and he went ahead to create a position of chief software architect. Gates was named Centibillionaire by the media in the year 1999 when his wealth momentarily surpassed $101 billion. In 1989, Gates founded a digital imaging company by the name Corbis.
He became the director of the Investment company by the name Berkshire Hathaway in the year 2004. In the year 2010 however, Carlos Slim Helu overtook Gates as he topped the world richest list making Gates take the second position in the list. Currently Gates is the richest American.
Bill Gates married Melinda French on the 1st of January in the year 1994 and they had 3children Phoebe Adele, Rory John and Jennifer Katharine.
Warren Edward Buffett was born in the year 1930 on the 30th of August; he is thus 83 years old now. Warren is an American business tycoon, philanthropist and investor. Due to his reputation of being ranked amongst the most successful Investors in the world, he is frequently regarded as “Legendary investor, Warren Buffett”. 
In the year 2011, Warren was ranked as the wealthiest person. Warren is the chairman, CEO and primary shareholder of Berkshire Hathaway. In 2008, Buffett became the richest man in the world dethroning Bill Gates, worth $62 billion according to Forbes, and $58 billion according to Yahoo. In 2008 he was ranked by Forbes as the richest person in the world with an estimated net worth of approximately US$62 billion. 
After donating billions of dollars to aid organizations in 2009, he was ranked as the second richest man in the United States with a net worth of US$37 billion with Bill Gates being number 1 on the list. Warrens’ net worth is $46 billion. Graham developed the principle of "intrinsic" business value which referred to a measure of a business's true worth, utterly and fully independent of the stock price. 
With the use of this principle, investors were able to decide on the company’s worth and hence make appropriate investment decisions. Warren celebrates Grahams’ book “The Intelligent Investor” claiming that it was the greatest book ever written on investment. Graham became Warrens’ idyllic figure to following his great investment principles. Reading an old edition of Who's Who, Warren discovered his mentor having read an old edition of the book “Who’s Who” and he was the chairman of GEICO. 
Warren met and talked to Lorimer Davidson, (Financial Vice President). Warren Buffett has pledged to give away 99% of his net worth to charity in his lifetime and after his death. 83% of the money will go to The Bill and Melinda Gates foundation. That equates to roughly $31 billion which makes it the largest charitable gift in human history. 
Buffett's philanthropy has inspired other billionaires to pledge at least 50% of their net worth to charity in their lifetimes, a truly remarkable accomplishment. Susan Buffett was Buffets wife from 1952. They both had three kids Peter, Susie, and Howard. In 1977 the couple began living separately although they remained married till her death in the year 2004, January. Warren remarried in 1977 to Astrid Menks (who was 60 years old at the time). 
Lawrence Joseph "Larry" Ellison is now 69 having been born on the August 17 of the year 1944. Larry is the co-founder and CEO of Oracle Corporation, which is one of the world’s chief enterprise software companies. In the year 2011, Larry was the 3rd richest American citizen with an estimated worth of 33 billion. 
Oracle Corporation paid Larry a $975,000 salary, a $6,500,000 bonus, and other compensation of $955,100 in the year 2005. Larry earned a total compensation of $61,180,524, which incorporated a base salary of $1,000,000, a cash bonus of $8,369,000, and options granted of $50,087,100 in the year 2007. Larry earned a total compensation of $84,598,700, which incorporated a base salary of $1,000,000, a cash bonus of $10,779,000, no stocks granted, and options granted of $71,372,700 in the year 2008. In the year 2009 he made $56.8 million. 
Larry Ellison was the wealthiest man in the world for a brief period in the year 2000 and was later ranked as the wealthiest Californian in 2006. Oracle's Corporation Board awarded Larry an additional 7 million stock options on July 2, in the year 2009 for the 4th year in a row. On the 10th of March in the year 2010, Larry was ranked 6th position (richest person in the world) on the Forbes list of billionaires. Larry is the 3rd wealthiest American, with an approximated net worth of US $28 billion. 
Larry has married and divorced four times. In the year 1967, Larry married Adda Quinn and they got divorced in the year 1974. He later married Nancy Wheeler Jenkins from the year 1977 and they got divorced in the year 1978. His third wife was Barbara Boothe from 1983 and later divorced in the year 1986. And lastly married Melanie Craft in the year 2003 and they divorced in the year 2010.
Charles was born on the 1st of November in the year 1935. He is thus turning 78 on November this year. Koch is an American business person as well as a philanthropist. He is the CEO, co-owner and chairman of the board of Koch Industries Inc. in October last year, Koch was ranked the 6th wealthiest person in the world with an estimated net worth of $37.8 billion.

 David H. Koch (brother to Charles Koch) acts as the Executive Vice President with a 42 % stake in Koch Industries. Koch Industries initially concentrated in oil refining as well as chemicals and currently it has expanded and it has included activities such as commodity trading and services, ranching, forest and consumer products, e.t.c.
Being a philanthropist, Koch funds a variety of charitable organizations such as the Mercatus Center and Institute of Humane Studies. He is the co-founder of Cato Institute based in DC.
Charles Koch has been the director of Intrust Financial Corporation since the year 1982 as well as the Director of Koch Industries Inc. from the year 1982. Charles is Director of Invista as well as a Director of Georgia Pacific Corp. Koch founded a number of organizations, including the Bill of Rights Institute, Cato Institute, the Mercatus Center at George Mason University, the Market-Based Management Institute and the Institute for Humane Studies.
Charles Koch was a great philanthropist as he donated money for social welfare, academic purposes as well as for public policy research. His net worth was approximated to be $21.5 billion as of 2010. Charles Koch has been married to his wife Liz for 38years and they had two kids. Koch together with his three brothers have all been diagnosed with prostate cancer. 
Charles Koch financed a scientific project to amass an open database of the Earth’s surface temperature documentations by the name Berkeley Earth Surface Temperature project. Charles Koch has a current net worth of $31 billion.
David was born on the 3rd of May in the year 1940. He is turning 73 years of age this year May. He is an America business man and a great philanthropist as well as a political activist and chemical engineer. David Koch is the co-owner and vice president of Koch Industries (the 2nd largest privately owned corporation in the United States of America) David Koch hic the 4th wealthiest person as well as the 2nsd wealthiest dweller of Ney York city as of the year 1010.  
He loves art and has donated funds to several organizations among them being Sloan Kettering, the American Museum of Natural History as well as the Lincoln Centre. The New York State Theater was renamed to David H. Koch Theater in the year 2008 after donating $100 million dollars for the renovation of the theater.
David H. Koch Charitable Foundation have donated over $750 million for the purposes of supporting further cancer research, support medical institutions, cultural institutions, sustain arts, conduct public policy studies as well as improve medical centers from the year 2000. David Koch sits on the Board of Directors of the Prostate Cancer Foundation and has donated a total of $41 million to the foundation. 
David donated $100 million to MIT in the year 2007 to aid in the funding of a new research and technology facility to act as home of the David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research. Since he joined MIT Corporation in the year 1988, David Koch has donated a total of $185 million. David has been a trustee of the American Ballet Theater for 25 years now and has donated over $ 6 million to the theater. David donated a total of $ 7 million to Nova, a Public Broadcasting Service show. He currently has a net worth of $31 billion.
Christy Ruth Walton is the widow of John T and was born in 1955; she is thus 58years old. After John's demise in June 2005, Christy inherited John’s wealth of $15.7 billion worth. Christy is the richest woman in the world and the 10th richest person in the world. In March 2011, Christy had an approximated net worth of US$26.5 billion much of which came from her shares in Wal-Mart and also from First Solar, in which her late husband invested. 
Christy has one son by the name Lukas and she currently resides in Jackson, Wyoming. She is considered the highest female philanthropist with regard to the amount of money she gives from her wealth. She contributed billions of money from her net worth then $16.3 billion towards philanthropic efforts between the years 2002 and 2006.
Non-profit organizations in which Walton is actively serving include the national association of trustees and staff, corporate giving officers, and individual donors - The Philanthropy Roundtable. The San Diego Natural History Museum where she is a board member, as well as the San Diego Zoological Society and the Mingei International Museum are also institutions in which she makes donations towards. In 2006, Walton also donated her own old Victorian home to the International Community Foundation - Center for Cross-Border Philanthropy, which was built in 1896 for former National City postmaster Oliver Noyes and is of historical significance. Since her donation, she has endowed $4 million towards the edifice's preservation. 
In addition, she supports her family's own charitable foundation, the Walton Family Charitable Support Foundation, which prioritizes education and benefits colleges such as the University of Arkansas, the College of Business Administration of the University of Arkansas, and several other colleges, community trusts, universities and foundations. Her family's foundation donated $1.6 billion in the year 2007. 
James born on the 7th of July in the year 1948. He will thus turn 65 years of age this year in July.
James Carr was ranked the 10th wealthiest man in the world with an estimated net worth of $ 28.1 billion as of October last year. He is the chairman and CEO of Arvest Bank Group, Inc and his major source of wealth is Wal-Mart. 
He resides at Bentonville, AR. He is married to Lynne McNabb Walton and they have a total of four kids including Thomas Layton Walton and Alice Anne Walton. He has been ranked the 7th position in the 400 billionaires as well as the 16th position among Forbes Billionaires and the 8th in the United States. His current net worth is 26.8 billion shillings.
Alice was born on the 7th of October in the year 1949 in Newport, Arkansas. As of March last year, her net worth was estimated to be US$26.3 billion. She was thus ranked as the 2nd wealthiest American woman, the 14th wealthiest person in the world.  She inherited Wal-Mart stores, Inc. As of March 2012, her estimated net worth was US$26.3 billion, making her the 2nd wealthiest woman in America, the 10th wealthiest American as well as the 14th wealthiest person in the world with her estimated net worth at US $27.1 billion.
 Alice started off as a money manager and equity analyst for first Commerce Corporation. Later on, she served as head of all investment- related activities as well as vice president of Arvest Bank Group.  Alice Walton founded an investment bank by the name Llama Company where she served as the CEO, Chairperson as well as president. 
Alice is a board member of the Walton family Foundation, Board of the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences at little Rock s well as the Board of Advisors for the University of Arkansas Graduate Business School at Fayetteville. She is currently divorced. Much of her wealth is inherited and her current net worth is estimated to be $26.3 billion.
Samuel was born on the 28th of October in the year 1944. As of March 2011, Samuel’s net worth was estimated to be $21million. As of last year in October he was ranked the 11th wealthiest person in the world. Samuel is a trustee at the college of Wooster. 
He is currently the chairman of the Wal-Mart retailer company.
Samuel Rob Walton became a member of the law firm whose main aim was to represent Wal-Mart; winters in Tulsa, Oklahoma and Conner soon after his graduation. In the year 1978, Rob joined Wal-Mart as a senior vice president having left Tulsa and was later appointed vice chairman in the year 1982. As of the 7th of April in the year 1992, Rob was appointed chairman of the board of directors of Wal-Mart following the demise of his father. 
Rob has had two wives; after his first divorce, he remarried to Carolyn Funk and later divorced in the year 2000. He has a total of three kids. Carolyn’s net worth is estimated to be $26.1 billion and her main source of wealth is Wal-Mart and its inherited. She is currently aged 69years.
Michael was born on the 14th of February and is currently aged 71yrs. He is an American tycoon, philanthropist and politician. Presently he is the Mayor of New York City with an estimated net worth of $25 billion as of the year 2012 thus making him the 10th wealthiest person in the United States of America. 
He is the founder and owner of 88% of a financial data-service firm by the name Bloomberg L.P. In the year 1973, Michael became a partner at a Wall Street investment bank, Salomon Brothers, where he headed equity trading and later System development.
In the year 1981, Salomon Brothers was bought and hence Michael got fired and was given $10 million severance package. Using that money he set up a company named Innovative Market Systems. In the year 1987, this company was renamed Bloomberg L.P. By the year 1990, the company had installed 8,000 terminals. 
Gradually, supplementary products were launched among them including, Bloomberg Tradebook, Bloomberg Message and Bloomberg News. As of the year 2012, Bloomberg L.P. had over 310,000 terminals worldwide. Bloomberg L.P. has a radio network which presently has its flagship station as 1130 WBBR AM in NYC. 
Michael left his position as CEO to run for Mayor of NYC. In the year 2001, Michael ran for mayor as a Republican, he worn the elections that year and in 2005 he got a second term and in 2009 Michael ran for his third term as an Independent candidate on the Republican ballot line.
As of March 2012, Michael Bloomberg was estimated to be $22 billion hence making him the 20th richest person in the world and the 11th in the United States. Through his Bloomberg philanthropies foundation, Michael donated $240 million in the year 2005, $60 million in the year 2006, $47 million in the year 2007, $150 million in the year 2009, $332 million in the year 2010 and $311 million in 2011. 
The $311 million pledged in the year 2011 was given to Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, the World Health Organization, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention and World Lung Foundation. Michael has been an "anonymous donor" to the Carnegie Corporation since 2001 to 2010, with donations ranging from $5 million.
Michael Bloomberg married Susan Brown in 1975. They got 2 daughters Emma and Georgina. He divorced the wife in the year 1993 and is presently living with Diana Taylor, former New York State banking Superintendent. His current net worth is estimated to be $25 billion and his major source of wealth is Bloomberg L.P.

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