5 Reasons Why You Should Always Exhibit At Trade Shows

As an entrepreneur you should be attending trade shows left, right and centre. You might think they’re a waste of time and money, but you’ll quickly see they can reap rewards very quickly if you go to them.
In the long run, it doesn’t even cost that much to book a booth or an exhibition space at a trade show, as you’ll earn your money back in the number of sales you manage to make.
If you’re still pondering over whether you should take the plunge and exhibit at a trade show, here are five facts that might help you to make your decision:

1.      Take a sneak peek at the competition

Everyone wants to know what their competitors are up to. Gaining this information can help you to succeed, as you’ll be able to adapt your product to beat theirs. It’s always a good idea to stay educated concerning your competitors, and trade shows can give insight into precisely which ones you need to be wary of.

2.      Meet your customers face-to-face

Networking is one of the many keys to success, and actually meeting your customers can give them the push they need to buy your product. By standing alongside your product and showing your commitment to it, you’ll be giving it your seal of approval.
Your customers will also be able to ask you all of the burning questions they may have about your business and your product, so you can explain to them precisely why they should join you.

3.      Generate leads to build your business

Attending trade shows isn’t about making sales right then and there. While you might be able to sell a few items off the cuff, as a general rule you want to focus more on generating leads. This means you want to pique people’s interest, so you can sell to them at a later date.
Don’t worry if people walk away empty handed. Speak to potential customers, answer their questions, and show them how your product could help.

4.      Showcase your products

Whether you’ve only got one product or twenty, use trade shows as a way to really show them off. Get as big a booth as possible and make sure your exhibition stand is up to scratch. Make it eye-catching and interesting so that people are drawn to it, and ensure your staffs are able to properly sell your products.

5.      Boost the effectiveness of your advertising

Have you ever felt like your advertising isn’t going anywhere? Well, giving your customers something to really look forward to can often make your advertising more successful. 
Your trade show advertising should start from the moment you decide to attend. You should be sending mailshots to your mailing list members letting them know you’ll be attending, and make sure your website offers up news concerning your upcoming appearance. If possible, contact all those that have signed up to the trade show as visitors to inform of them of your booth location as well.
Attending a trade show might seem like a lot of work, but it’ll definitely be worth the effort once you realise just how effective they can be!
This article was written by Aurora Johnson on behalf of Display Wizard, an online retailer for bespoke modular displays and other trade show exhibition stands and equipment.


  1. I like number one - its always good to keep up to speed with what your competitors are doing. Its a good idea to launch new products or services at exhibitions and trade shows too as there'll be lots of visitors (potential users) attending.

  2. ....having recently graduated from college and being an aspiring entrepreneur, do you think it is a good idea to attend them as part of business opportunity identification process or basically could they help in searching for ideas?

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