Kenya Airways (KQ): Careers, Destinations, Cargo, Bookings

History of Kenya Airways (KQ)

Kenya Airways (KQ): Careers, Destinations, Cargo, Bookings : Kenya Airways (KQ): The Pride of Africa 2013 was established in the year 1977 after the disbanding of East African Airways as a result of the then failed East Africa Community. The airline was established as the national carrier and the government put effort to make the airline’s operations profitable. In the late 1980's, the government put in place strategies for the successful privatization of the company.

To facilitate this, a new board was put in place that was led by Mr. Philip Ndegwa in the year 1991. The process of commercializing the company commenced in 1993 and 1994 which saw the company makes profits for the very first time since its establishment. In 1996 the company held its first Initial Public Offer (IPO). Other milestones that have been reached by the company since its inception will be highlighted at later in the article.

Management of Kenya Airways (KQ)

Dr. Titus Naikuni has been on the helm for the company since the year 2003. His time at the company has seen a great deal of transformation of the company. His strong personally and his drive to achieve has seen Naikuni take Kenya Airways (KQ) to a whole new level. The turnover of the company has more than quadrupled.

At present the company has a turnover of over 100 billion shillings. Kevin Kinyanjui is the company's Information Systems Director having worked in the IT field for over two decades; his experience makes him the right man for the job. He has led Kenya Airways (KQ) into acquiring state of the art technology that has enhanced delivery of service.

Richard Nuttal the commercial director joined Kenya Airways in the year 2008. Richard has the ability to cause a cultural change in the organization due to his vast experience in this field. KQ has an organization culture of quality service delivery. Alex Wainaina Mbugua holds an MBA in corporate finance and investment banking. He holds the position of Group Finance Director.

The Human Resources Director Paul Mataka Kasimu has a Bachelor of Arts degree in economics and sociology. He has a great deal of experience in the human resource field making it possible for him to tap the potential of the human resources he manages. He joined the company in the year 2006. Captain Paul Mwangi holds the post of flights operations director having been on the skies for years.
Destinations of Kenya Airways (KQ)

Kenya Airways (KQ) serves hundreds of destinations across the word. Some of the domestic flight destinations for the carrier are Nairobi, Mombasa, Malindi, Eldoret and Kisumu. In Africa the airline serves Rwanda, Uganda, South Africa, Cameroon, Central African Republic, Egypt, Ghana, Ethiopia, Nigeria, Tanzania, Zambia, Sierra Leone and Gabon among other African countries. Other destinations across the world include Germany, Sweden, United Kingdom, Thailand, France, United Arab Emirates, Pakistan, Greece, India, Netherlands, Denmark, Italy, Switzerland, Turkey, Saudi Arabia
Cargo of Kenya Airways (KQ)

Kenya Airways (KQ) established a comprehensive KQ Cargo in the year 2004. This department has the responsibility to optimize cargo capacity of the airline. They handle passenger’s cargo and other export or import materials. The cargo is charged depending with how much the cargo weighs to finance the operations of the cargo departments.
Bookings of Kenya Airways (KQ)

Booking for flights at Kenya Airways (KQ) has been made easy due to the wide use of online booking services. Passengers have the opportunity to book their preferred flights online through the company's online booking service. The airline has agencies where flights can be booked.
Schedules of Kenya Airways (KQ)

The flight destinations for Kenya Airways (KQ) vary depending on the destination. Some destinations depending with the demand for flights have daily flights while less demanded destinations have weekly flights.
Careers of Kenya Airways (KQ)

Being the national carrier, Kenya Airways employs thousands of people who aid in the running of the company as well as facilitating service provision to customers. The company employee people with high levels of academic credentials as well as those with minimal skill. The company values all its employees as they ensure a smooth running of the affairs.

Some of the career opportunities at Kenya Airways are pilots jobs, sales and ticketing agents, flights attendants, managers, administration assistants, customer service agents, logistics and procurement personnel, human resources, accountants, technicians, advertisers, marketing personnel, engineers and loaders. Other support staffs that are needed by the company include security agents, receptionist, drivers and cleaners.
Achievements of Kenya Airways (KQ)

African Aviation Magazine voted Kenya Airways the year’s African airline in the year 1999 to 2001 running. Travel News named it the region’s best airline in the same year. In 2001 it was recognized for being the best user of IT in the country. The company gained safety certification IOSA in 2005.

Kenya Airways (KQ) was also voted the most respected company in East Africa in 2005 and 2006.

COYA crowned KQ the best company in strategic planning as well best company in disaster preparedness. The HR director Paul Kasimu was named manager of the year. The company has for the last couple of year been recognized as Kenya's most prestigious and most respected company. The company has undertaken a project with billions of shilling to facilitate the expansion of the company.
Corporate Social Responsibility of Kenya Airways (KQ)

KQ has participated in a number of nonprofit activities. The company has funded construction of schools around Kenya as well as the purchase of stationery for school. The company has also funded various water projects in areas that suffer shortage of water. Kenya Airways (KQ) is the main sponsor for Kenya’ rugby team.

The shares of the company are listed in the Nairobi Securities Exchange. Its share is a top performer in the securities market.
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