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What is a Blog? How | Create | Best Blogging Platforms | WordPress, Blogger. A blog is a type of a website that is regularly updated by one or several people and is usually arranged to start with the latest posts/articles to the orders. Many blogs mainly focus on specific topics or subjects depending on the taste of the blogger. Read Top 10 Small Business Ideas Topics to Implement As a Blogger. The person who owns or runs a blog is called a blogger. Those who read the blog are the visitors/audience and how they access the blog is the traffic source.
  What is a blog? Definition of A Blog
A blog is a weblog - a website whose content is in a sequential manner - and this is done mainly in a usual manner.
Some blogs are self -hosted while others are free hosted. The main blogging platforms include Blogger and WordPress.
A blog functions like the official website and is also developed in the same manner using PHP, HTML, applies CSS and other programming languages.
The person who runs and own the blog is a blogger while the act of having a blog and running it is as blogging
The information that you publish on your blog is for future references, and this aspect of blogging is as Blog Archives. The blog also has a section for comments whereby your readers can leave their opinions on your blog if they have been interested in your article/post. This aspect of a blog makes it more interactive than a static website.
Are you a blogger from Kenya? Are you a blogger from Nigeria, US, UK, India, Pakistan, Canada, Australia, this information is crucial for you.
How To Blog | How To Create a Blog
Creating a blog is like creating a Facebook account. You do not need many skills of operating an HTML file for you to create your blog (READ: Why learning HTML is not a blogging tip). You need to have an email account for blogging platforms such as WordPess, Tumblr, Weebly and a Gmail account for blogger. Below, I have discussed the two common blogging platforms – WordPress and Blogger. You only need to understand simple instructions on developing a blog the same way you followed instructions in creating your Facebook account.
To create a blog, and a successful blog, you must establish what you want to do with your blog, is it for funny? Is it for business, is it a way of relaxing? The apparent motivation for creating a blog needs evaluation. Creating a blog you need to search online for the best blog templates that would suit your blogging goals.
How to blog, now that you have created your blog, how do you go about blogging? The first step on how to blog is developing quality and original content to publish on your blog. They say, content is the King, I dare say, content is everything in the life of a blogger. Your content must be informative, long enough to pass the message to the targeted audience, and well researched.
On how to blog, you must understand your competitors and see what they have done that you are not doing. You can also seek ways of doing what they are not doing in their blogs. You must create social profiles to increase your traffic and audience for you content.
Why do People Blog? Why had Started One?
 There are several reasons why people blog. They include political rights, making money online, to advertise your products or for funny.
Best Blogging Platforms | WordPress, Blogger, Weebly, Tumblr, Wix, Webs, LiveJournal, TypePad
There are so many blogging platforms around the web that you can use for your blogging career. It depends on what kind of blog you want to start, the motivation/reason for blogging, and the desired goals after a given period.  In this article, I will highlight the most popular blogging platforms mainly WordPress and Blogger.
WordPress is insanely common among many bloggers because of the many plugins and themes available for the blogs hosted on the application. WordPress is a CMS (content management system) application that helps individuals who want to start their blog create it without prior knowledge of HTML, CSS or any other programming language.
With WordPress, you can host a free blog (subdomain, for instance, myblog.wordpress.com) or host your domain (www.mybusinesstricks.com) for free. The comment system of WordPress is an awesome platform that gives other bloggers to leave a link to their content online. Over 20% of all the blogs listed on Alexa have WordPress as their preference. It is very common for bloggers in India, US, UK, Pakistan, Canada and few bloggers from Africa use their services.
Blogger is another common blogging platform (my blog, www.mybusinesstricks.com, has a blogger as host), and a very popular platform in Africa, especially Kenya and Nigeria. It is very easy to use, and you can even monetize the subdomain, for instance, www.mybusiness-tricks.blogspot.com, without many limitations. However, the blogger comes in with several challenges because it has few plugins developed to match those of WordPress.
Blogger is a Google service that runs on Google servers in the US and allows individual bloggers to create emails such as support@mybusinesstricks.com for free using the Google Business Applications. Blogger has developed Meta Tag creations for particular posts and bloggers can quickly optimize their posts/articles to appear on top of search engines depending on your SEO (search engine optimization).
Best Blog Templates | Blogger, WordPress
There are several resources that you can use to get your preferred blog templates. WordPress has many templates and themes to choose from, and they are SEO friendly. You can choose from any of the themes/templates given on the website, or you can elect to upload your theme/template depending on your taste.
Blogger has several templates when you sign up, but I think they are not the best to use for your competition. You can search for other models in the online world that would best define your blogging career.
Blog Design
The design of you blog must be very attractive for your visitors, ensure you get the best design for your blog for a competitive life in the world of blogging.


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  2. It still depends on who uses it. Most people use Wordpress due to it's customizable settings. But don't let these types of CMS hinder your ability to blog well.