How To Make Money Online in Kenya - Scam Free Ways

How To Make Money Online in Kenya - Scam Free Ways: How to make money online is a phrase searched thousands of times in the Internet by a thirsty community interested in making more money with technology. Many people around the world are exploring on different ways they can use to make more money. The online world has provided a a platform that people can use to boost their income. And in this spirit, Kenyans are not left behind in searching for ways to make money online and improve their standards of living.
Most Kenyans have adopted the use online services to search for jobs, get news, look for products, compare prices, socialize and get important information about life issues.
The Kenyan President - Uhuru Kenyatta - is tech savvy - he communicates through his Facebook Fan Page - shares important information, meetings with diplomats or issue statements. This indicates how Kenyans have adopted the world of social media.
Therefore, can the online world be a solution to the many jobless youths? Can it provide an avenue to make more money? Can it be a place for greener pastures?

When i shared this article  30 Ways To Make Money For The Unemployed 2013, I received numerous emails on how exactly the suggested ways can be used to make money - hence my decision to provide a detailed article on making money 
After sharing the Online Scams in Kenya, I seek to highlight SCAM free ways to make money online in Kenya and increase your income.

The article will also answer the following questions
  • how do people make money in Kenya
  • how to make quick money in Kenya
  • legit ways to make extra money
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Scam Free Ways to Make Money Online In Kenya 2013 (I will use simple English)

1. Make Money Online With Facebook in Kenya

Can I make money with Facebook? Yes you can. There are several ways you can use Facebook to make thousands of dollars if you follow simple steps. Am not talking about you deactivating your Facebook account and going to work - am talking about using your Facebook account to make yourself rich. How do you do that?

Create a Facebook Page and Promote Products from Different Companies

Anyone one can create a Facebook fan page for a particular product, sector/industry, news page, gossip page, love tips page or any other page that interests you.
After creating the Facebook page, invite your friends to like the page -, share on different forums with aim of getting likes, use the page to comment on other pages - by this - you are building the authority of your page.
By now, that is, if you frequently use Facebook, you have seen people/marketers post their products/services on Facebook with their contacts - this is the avenue you will explore with your Facebook Page.
Since your Facebook page has gained authority by getting several likes (at least above 3,000) you search for advertisers and tell them about your page and that you are interested in marketing their products through your page in exchange of a commission or a fixed price. 
So, how do you search for the advertisers? First, before approaching other business people, check the ones who are already marketing their products online - they are easy to get - and easy to make money with - do not let this opportunity pass you.
How else do you use your Facebook page? You can approach webmasters/bloggers and make a deal of sharing their content or giving them your likes at a fee. This is very practical - do not just browse and Facebook - browsing making money.
Is that all about creating the Facebook Fan page? NO?
You can decide to sale your Facebook fan page - depending on the sector of your - the price of the page could range from 10,000/= to 1,000,000/= . For instance, a News Facebook Page with around 100,000 likes would go for 500,000/= while a business one like my Facebook Page with 100,000 likes would go for 1,000,000/= to 2,000,000 Read: Facebook Likes and Shares 
You can use Facebook to sale your products and advertise your services and increase sales. This will help you make money especially if you cannot afford the print media and Tv adverts. Exploit the opportunities provided by Facebook. 
Making money online with Facebook calls for patience and consistency.  If you have many friends on Facebook - and you connect often - you can start marketing products/services from your Facebook account.
Do not just use your Facebook, use it as a business account - make money online with Facebook.
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2. Make Money With a Blog/Website In Kenya - My Preferred Method of Making Money Online

Creating a blog or website and start making money online with your site. Read: What Is a Blog?
As mentioned, this is the second method that I prefer in making money online (my best method is academic writing - I will share later).
So exactly, how do you make money online in Kenya with a blog/website? When you create a blog, for you to get returns on the time you invest, you must provide the online community with original, unique quality content that answers their questions on your niche (the sector/topics of your blog). The rate on investment must be proportional to the rate of delivery of quality content.
Once you get your blog/website running, its time to monetize it.

Ways of Making Money With a Blog/Website in Kenya

a) Pay Per Click (Not the Best - But Common and Easy to Use)

This is the common method used by bloggers and webmasters in Kenya to generate revenue from their websites/blogs. In fact, all the top websites in Kenya  use Google Adsense Pay Per Click program to make money with their websites/blogs.
What is Pay Per Click - this is an online program whereby webmasters  make money after visitors to their websites click on the ads running on those websites. You are paid for each click.
After your website has enough ORIGINAL content (if you can write plagiarism free work - forget about this method) you apply to participate in the Google Adsense Program or Media net(serves Yahoo ads).
You need more visitors to your website for you make meaningful money with this method. You can read: How To Increase Blog Traffic

b) Direct Ads and Sponsored Reviews - My Best Way of Making Money Online in Kenya with my Blog

Getting direct advertisers is an uphill task in the Kenya market - at least according to my experience. Most Kenyan advertisers/companies prefer using Google Adwords - that delivers ads to websites in form of Google Adsense and Facebook ads. Therefore, getting a company to advertise on your website/blog directly is a not an easy task at all.
What I do to get direct ads and sponsored reviews - once I have planned for the topics am going to write for my blog - I advertise before posting on my Facebook page and ask anyone willing to sponsor the article to contact me - this has been a success. Next, I contact several companies through email giving them my proposal - and very few respond - this is why I said getting direct ads is not an easy task.
I review websites/products/services on my own will, and after publishing, I ask the company in question about the review - this has proved to be unproductive.
The best thing about getting a direct ad, is that, you can make a kill - the highest I dot was worthy 250,000/= where I run an ad for 2 months - it was not a bad deal for me.

c) Charge people to place classifieds on your website( A very lucrative method) 

You create a classified website and charge anyone who is interested in placing their products on your website. For instance - they charge 750/= for anyone who is interested in placing ads on their websites. The last time I reviewed the website, they had more that 20,000 cars placed on the website. This means that the website would make more than 10,000,000/= in a span of 3 months - is this not a good deal?
However, it does not come easy, for you to get people to place paid ads on your website, it needs you to work a lot on your website - promoting, optimizing, sharing and many more

3. Academic Writing in Kenya - My Top Method of Making Money Online in Kenya 

- I personally know several Kenyans who have become millionaires from Academic Writing
What is academic writing? This is helping students with their assignments ranging from essays, term papers, dissertations/thesis and coursework. Mos t of the students seeking these services are from the UK ,US, Canada, Australia, Asia and few from Africa.
There are two ways to make money with academic writing - creating your own website where the students place their orders or working for these websites.
In this article - I will discuss working for the academic websites - you can get the list at 20 Freelance Writer Job Sites
So, how do you go about academic writing?
First, they are basic rules that you must follow: Do not Plagiarize, Do not Miss Deadlines, Do not submit substandard content, Read the client instructions, do not use WikiPedia, Do not Use Turnitin, Avoid Grammatical Errors, communicate with your client.
In Kenya, you can get your own account by applying in any of the websites list above or work for someone.
Let me talk about essay writers. They pay the worse and they pay the best, why am I saying so? during the dry season - they pay up to $3 per page - this means that if you have writers and you are paying them 200/= per page - you end up getting only 40/= per page. is it really worthy the trouble? During the high season - they pay up to $30 per page and this is the time to make a kill - for instance - if you have 15 writers and each of them is completing an average of 10 pages per day at a rate of $12 per page - this amounts to $1,800 per day - or 140,000/= per day - is this not a cool deal?
Essay-writers is a very risky account to work with and many writers are afraid of working for them - they can terminate your account any time - they don't value you so much. After all, the riskier the business, the higher the returns.
You can make much more money online in Kenya with Uvocorp, Writerbay, Allwriting and academia - You can contact me personally and discuss about academic writing - you get you account, i teach on how to go about it at a small fee - we are all in business of making money online.
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This is Part 1 of How To Make Money Online in Kenya - Scam Free Ways


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