is Worth 60 Million – a Reason to Consider Online Business is Worth 60 Million – a Reason to Consider Online Business
Yes – The Daily Post – a common gossip/news site in Kenya is valued online at KShs 55-120 million – Can the online web appraisals be reliable – yes.
After sharing an article legit ways to make money online in Kenya and another on how to avoid online scams, Follow my blog with Bloglovin I thought it would be prudent of me to reaffirm my assertions with real figures – numbers don’t lie.
You mean the blogger at Kenya Post is worthy that much? We can call it the asset base value – what about the monthly earnings?
The blogger at Kenyan Post only runs Google Adsense ads – which limit is website monetization and the placement of ads – still might not bring a lot – but that a side, what can one make with a site like Daily Post?
You can run sponsored reviews at a cost of 50k per review – do at least 5 per day – you are in the league of millionaires. You can run direct ads – 10 ads per day – each ad at a cost of 60k per month – do your calculations.
How much does the Daily Post make in a day exactly? The blogger makes from Adsense (estimates – they can vary depending on keywords used by visitors) an average of $700 to $1,500 – a very good deal.
Can I create my site like Daily Post – yes – is it easy to make money online – No – you need a lot of efforts and strategies to make good income online. 
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The resources I used to make the evaluation
  1.       My experience working online


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