List of Top 50 Blogs About Blogging By Zac and Matt Leaves out 2 Worthy Blogs

Zac Johnson post on Top 50 Blogs About Blogging  enhanced from Matt Smith List of The Same Blogs About Blogging intentionally, willingly, or out of bias, lack of consideration of Indian Bloggers or Pakistan, leaves out 2 main prominent blogs about blogging.

The list by Zac and Matt - two prominent bloggers, is based on Alexa Rank as the main listing factor and is backed up by Google Page Rank. This promoted me to ask myself, why leave certain blogs in that list?

This reason am concerned about axing the two blogs is the fact that Zac and Matt do not mention leaving out blogs from India, Paksitan and other countries other than Canada, UK, US and Australia. 

The blogs am talking about are:

1. My Blogger Tricks by Mustafa -a Paskitan -

Alexa Rank - 4,851     Google Page Rank - 4

Leaving out this blog on the list of top 50 blogs about blogging sounded mischievous to me. My Blogger Tricks is a blogspot blog, and the blogger has horned his tutorials on blogging related topics.

This blog would be top 5 for any list focusing on blogs about blogging, if the list is based on Alexa Rank, Google Page Rank, quality content and frequency in updates.

Am not very sure why Zac and Matt decided to axe the blog from the list, but I want to confirm that the blog has unique content - I have personally visited all the listed top 50 blogs, and on certain issues related to blogger - none of them matches My Blogger Tricks.

2. ShoutMeLoud - by Harsh Agrawal - Indian

Alexa Rank - 3,553     Google Page Rank - 5

This is another blog that was axed from the list of top blogs among other many blogs that should have made the cut to top 50.

Though I do not visit this blog often, It has quality content on WordPress, SEO and other blogging tips. This blog should be in the mind of any other blogger wishing to make a list of top blogs on topics related to blogging.

And as I stated, I do not have the reason why the 2 blogs and other were axed from the list of Zac and Matt


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