Online Scams in Kenya | Why You Fall Prey to Scams and How to Avoid being a Victim

My name is Peter Mutiso, a blogger, freelancer and a consultant in making money online. I started working online 5 years ago, a third year student at Kenyatta University - over the years, I have gained valuable experience on working online, getting genuine clients, I understand why Kenyans fall prey to online scams, I know the best ways to make money online - after all,  I have never thought of going to seek for 'formal employment' in the corporate world.The article is based on my experience online and will help not fall into the scams - that's, if you are the listening type. I have used my ATMs safely, Paypal accounts - just being careful and searching for information online before making a commitment
What is an Online Scam?

These are con-men who have purposed to exercise their dirty tricks in the online world.  They promise you heaven, they promise you to earn $350 per day ( probably their website is making less than $5 per day), and they use convincing words.

Online scams promise quick cash - short cuts to your life problems.
  Forms of Online Scams

You can loose your money and time - if its money - you are doomed - if its time - you are still conned anyway. Fake trading websites - mainly the Forex market, referral websites, quick cash online sites

Fake jobs, or fake salaries - they promise to pay you millions and you end getting peanuts. Fake promotions - someone people online 'seduce' to promote their websites in return of making money. Theft of personal data - ATM details, Paypal account, Skrill account
Online Scams in Kenya: Why You Fall Prey to Scams - The Reasons

Why do most Kenyans fall prey to online scams - or are afraid of trying their luck online? You should ask yourself certain questions, why me if others are thriving online?
1. Most Kenyans Love Quick Cash

Most of us do not want to struggle in making money - if you are this type - you will continue falling prey to the scams. You see a website advertising you can make $350 per day, and there is no struggle/efforts in making that amount of money - and you believe them? please get serious with your life.

There is nothing like quick cash online (if you are a beginner) - you must work hard for any significant amount of cash.

For instance, I have advised my friends to stop sharing certain websites on Facebook, why? they are simply scams. A site is promising to pay you $5 for every one who signs under your referral link and you believe them? If it was that easy - we will all be multimillionaires.                              

To be sincere, it takes time to make $0.1 online through clicks (commonly called Pay Per Click). As bloggers, and personally, I spent more than 10 hours in a day - to make a decent income from the online world.

Please dear Kenyans, if you want to make good money online ( and yes you can, thousands, millions, and even billions) - you must be ready to work hard - nothing comes easy.
2. Most Kenyans are Lazy and Ignorant - You are a disappointment to our Motherland

You are lazy and ignorant because you do not want to establish the truth about the 'quick cash schemes'. If you want to make money online, you must be ready to search and evaluate the truthfulness of those schemes online - and they are many tools you can use to make your evaluation.

For example, have website is telling you to join, refer friends and earn quick cash - it goes ahead to show you it has even paid some of its subscribers, and because you are lazy, ignorant - you go ahead without making any research about the website -  how should I call you?

If the website has paid some people, how much has it dispatched, how real are its terms and conditions, when was the website created to have made that payment? If a website is 26 days old, and it indicates it has already paid its subscribers and you believe - serious - you are a disappointment.

You can use this tool Whois (a tool that helps get the information of the website owner, when it was created) to evaluate a website before making any commitment with your time.

So, is there possibility of making money online without falling for scams? Yes

On My Next Exclusive article Scam Free Ways to Make Money Online In Kenya

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  1. hie peter,i really enjoyed your advice & it applies to everyone despite geographical location,i,ll follow you closely and maybe you ,ll give me a genuine online profit making idea

  2. stay away from they are nothing but web scammers they say they will sell you a product or develop one for you. you have to pay upfront (good faith deposit) but then they never deliver. save your money.