Online Shopping in Kenya | Buy and Sell Online Increased in 2013 - 2015

Online Shopping in Kenya: | Buy and Sell Online increased in 2013- 2015: Kenyans have embraced technology and use of Internet in doing their businesses. Online shopping websites in Kenya are mushrooming every single day, and the number of Kenyans using The Internet has increased tremendously over the last two years.

The norm of doing window shopping in malls in the cities is getting substitution from the online platforms that are providing opportunities for Kenyans to compare prices from the comfort of their houses. You only need a mobile phone that can access The internet, or a computer and a modem from Orange, Safaricom, Airtel or Yu.

Most of the online shopping websites in Kenya are providing avenues for delivering services to your door steps in you make the purchases online. You have an opportunity to add to the purchasing basket what you want to buy, and the final price is calculated based on the distance of delivery.

The online shopping in Kenya has also increased the number of payment options available for Kenyans. Previously, Paypal (Which is still used by Facebook) and Moneybookers (changed to Skrill) were the most common methods of paying for goods purchased from Online shops in Kenya.

 However, as many Kenyans have adopted the online shopping, several others methods have cropped up. You can pay for goods online using Mpesa, Airtel Money, Orange Money, Yu Cash, PesaPal, and your ATM cards.

There is a stiff competition among the online shops in Kenya. Each player is doing all the best to outsmart each other in the market by getting more page views and a low Alexa Ranking. Most of them, are using Facebook to promote their products and services, and also Google Adwords to enhance their campaigns.

Most of the online shopping sites in Kenya are also using Google Adsense to make money with their websites though most of them are targeting direct adverts from companies in Kenya.
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