Pika Chakula: Kenya's No. 1 Recipe Resource 2013

PikaChakula.com is Kenya's No. 1 resources for recipes. Owned by Rajan and launched in May 2011, the site has grown to be one of the most respected websites in Kenya.  I have decided to review the site after noticing impressing performances on search engines and the increased desire by Kenyans to learn about different recipes.

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My goal is sharing ways of making money online, and any keyword that seems to be attracting visitors becomes of interest to me. In the case of PikaChakula - the keyword Recipe - is being researched several times online by a thirsty community interested in learning different recipes.

Pika Chakula recipes

 are unique, 'fresh', and attract readers from the online community in large numbers. The domain has an Alexa Rank 107,432 on the global scale and a rank of 123 in Kenya. This means that many Kenyans interested in learning about recipes using PikaChakula.com as their platform of getting the information.

PikaChakula.com an average of 10,000 visitors per day and indication that the website has a high authority in Kenya.

PikaChakula.com updates recipes frequently and the chefs looking for the information get it fresh. The site provides an opportunity for people to submit their recipes. It is like a search engine for recipes. Several hotels, people in general, prefer PikaChakula.com as their source of recipe information.

Kenya Search Engine for Recipes - PikaChakula.com

Kenya Search Engine for Recipes - PikaChakula.com

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