What is Blog Traffic and Website Traffic and How is it Generated?

In the general public, traffic is associated with transport and more so the congestion on traffic in major towns around the globe. What exactly does blog traffic or website traffic mean? Blog/websites traffic is the number of people (visitors) who come (visit) your website/blog when searching for information in the online platforms.
How else can we define blog/website traffic? We can refer to traffic as the clicks you get that are directed to your website. Everyone who clicks on your website/blog link in the internet is usually directed to your website/blog and is referred to as a visitor.
So, how do the visitors find my blog/website in order for me to get traffic? There are numerous methods through which people online can find your website/blog and click on its url. They can find through searching for information from the search engines if your blog has good SEO, they can also be referred by people who earlier visited your website and liked it, they can find your website/blog from forums, they can your blog from the social networks such as Facebook, Twitter, they can also find your website from the social bookmarking websites such as Digg, Tagza among others.
Blog traffic or website traffic is the most important thing for a webmaster or blogger who wants to use his/her website/blog to make money online. You can only get advertisers if you blog/website receives many visitors. This is the reason why many bloggers spend they time searching for ways on how they can increase their blog traffic. However, if your blog/websites makes money through selling things like themes, templates, you do not necessary need a lot of traffic to your website. In this case, you only search for blog/website traffic from people who are likely to purchase your product online.
That’s it – the blog traffic is the amount of people who visit your website/blog irrespective of how they visited your website and from where – just use any valid means to generate traffic.

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