What is Webmaster Tools?

Webmasters tools refer to the tools (apparatus) used by any webmaster such as bloggers and web developers in development and maintenance of their websites/blogs. If you do not have a webmaster tools account, you need to open one with Google webmaster tools or Bing Webmaster tools accounts.

A tool is an important aspect in any profession, and in the world of web development is not different. For instance, when a teacher is going to class to teach, he/she will need tools such as chalk, reference materials, blackboard, while a farmer would need tools like fertilizer, plough among other important tools.
What exactly is a webmaster tool then or what does it include? Webmaster tools include creation of sitemaps and submitting them for indexing by search engines search as Google, Bing and Ask. The search engine webmaster tools help in determining crawl errors of a website/blog, it helps in understanding how your website is found online, the kind of keywords which bring traffic to your blog/website, webmaster tools help in analyzing your website gives an overview of how your website/blog is linked in the internet.
Google webmaster tools and Bing webmaster tool helps in correcting the HTML errors of your website, gives you evaluation of the post with short Meta tags description, posts with similar Meta tag description and how to correct the errors for your website for better visibility by search engines. Webmaster tools are an important aspect for any web developer, blogger and the general webmaster.

Webmaster tools play a critical role in understanding how to optimize your website/blog for search engines. It helps a blogger, webmaster to develop their SEO skills and enhance their traffic to their websites/blogs.

If a webmaster or a blogger cannot maintain a webmaster tools account, they need to hire someone who will help them in evaluating their blog development and performance online.

Webmaster tools are the tools used in the online world by bloggers to develop their websites and enhance blogging tips of bloggers

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