Making Money Online with a Car Classified Website in Kenya

Making money online using a car classified website in Kenya is a very great and a lucrative business investment opportunity someone should thinking of starting if they want to make money online with a website. This is because there is increased demand of used cars in Kenya and they search starts online – and most Kenyans prefer searching for used cars in the classified websites. 
Car Classified Website
What is a car classified website? It is a website that has cars as its niche and acts as a search engine for cars in a particular region search as Kenya. People will only visit your website if they are only looking for cars – this makes the difference from general classified websites. A classified website is a website whereby people (sellers) place their ads for free or at a fee and buyers visit the websites in search of valuable information about a product they want to buy – search as used cars. 
Creating a Auto Website 
Creating a car classified website in Kenya and around the globe is just like creating a Facebook account and no programming skills are required though someone can hire experts to develop the website on their behalf if they are lazy, committed or do not want to explore the online platforms of creating a website. Web developers have created applications (themes, website templates) that related to the specific classified website you want to create and you only need to follow certain instructions to create your classified website – this is not the main thing in my discussion – you can learn on how to create a classified website later – let’s look on the money aspect.
Marketing Strategies for Your Website
Once you have you car classified website in place, you evaluate different electronic marketing strategies such as email marketing, content marketing (SEO, Article marketing), Pay Per Click (Google Adwords), direct advertisements to bring visitors to your website. 
Make Money With the Site
Once your website has a sizable number of visitors, charge advertisers a small fee like $5 for placing their advertisements on your website. If in a span of 3 months you get 10,000 advertisements – and this is easy to achieve, you will have made $50,000 – good money – or do I call it easy cash?
Start Your Online Business Today 
Car classified websites such as and  is making millions every month from advertisements – you too can give it a try. If you explore the above websites, you will see their charge people to place advertisements on their websites at a fixed fee – this is how they make money. The only challenge is promoting your website and getting people to advertise on your classified website – and as I said, this is easy and you can get help online – you can talk to me or explore Scam Free Ways of Making Money Online in Kenya and How to Avoid Online scams 
Creating a Car classified website is one way among many of making money online in Kenya

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