Apps to Improve Your Planning Plus Workflow

Running a startup can feel like performing in a one-man band morning, noon and night. If you don't have an assistant, or even an intern, you're left maintaining the social media networks, keeping up with correspondence between vendors and clients and planning out payroll, purveyors, and budgeting. Hoping to be first at the finish line with an electronic wallet, Ernst & Young and Knowledge@Wharton are combining their efforts to release an app that will make mobile banking seamless, reports Since Ernst & Young elected Mark Weinberger as the Global Chairman and CEO of the company, there are many new and exciting projects on the horizon thanks to Weinberger. Innovations, like the Electronic Wallet app, are helping entrepreneurs to conduct their business. There are many other apps, like Alto or Enloop that will improve your workflow, create a sound business plan and can transform you from the stressed entrepreneur to a master of all tasks.

Overstuffed Inbox Blues

Anyone who has an email address, from Yahoo or Gmail, knows that nothing is free. What you save in money, you pay in time wasted, having to go through and delete a list of 10 to 20 spam emails a day for products and newsletters you don't remember signing up for. John Patrick Pullen, of, shares three apps that will put the battle of the bulging inbox behind.
  • Alto: Alto serves as a filter that will analyze each email for you and present the email in a more visually focused way.
  • Mailbox: Merging your inbox messages into a task list, Mailbox takes the correspondence in your inbox and filters the messages into a to-do list that you can check off, move, or delete with ease.
  • Postbox: This desktop app, for both Mac and Windows, is a viable alternative for most OS-default mail and lets you cut down on some of the redundancies of posting the same message on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Postbox allows you easily to pull information from a clients Facebook, Twitter account or LinkedIn profile, so finding a contact's social media page is a snap. For $9.95, you can also integrate a Dropbox app that will allow you to share larger files and send notifications of changes via email.

App Planning

If you don't have an on-call accountant of a regular bookkeeper to provide a financial outline of your business ventures, there are apps that are designed to simplify the budget process. You just enter numbers and this app will create a clean, professional plan. Kim Lachance Shandrow, of recommends these two apps:
  • Enloop: Providing templates, that you can customize to fit the needs of your business, Enloop is the everything app for any small business owner or entrepreneur. This app auto-generates sales, profit, loss and the flow of expenses, based on the information that you enter into its template fields. You can also create a report or an attractive graph from the data that you enter. Customers can choose from a free & easy version, which includes a PDF version of the business template plan that you can print, or adapt and use later.
  • StratPad: This app, created originally for iPad, offers users several how-to videos and a 58-page strategy handbook that will walk you through the logistics of creating a sales budget and financial plan. The basic version is available for students free of charge. If you're not a student, you can purchase this app for anywhere from $9.99 to $54.99, depending on how many features you add on this app.
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