Google AdSense – A Program For Making Money Online

Google AdSense is cost per click money making program for publishers (webmasters (website owners)) owned by Google Inc. Google AdSense is the most common online method of making money with a website/blog and is preferred by many webmasters/bloggers.
Google AdSense program has made several bloggers and webmasters rich through monetization of their online content. Google AdSense has very strict guidelines that a publisher must adhere to or you are suspended from the program which is very hard to get into nowadays.
Google AdSense runs on websites which publish ‘safe’ content for family and that is informative to the audience. This is the strictest guideline that publishers must cope up with because it does not approve content like gaming, porn or pay to click websites.
To get into the program for bloggers, this can be exceptional for websites like answers, classified sites, but for pure bloggers, it’s an uphill task to get approved. You need like at least 100 live articles that have not been published anywhere else in the online world. Your blog should at least be 6 months old – especially if you are from Kenya, India and Pakistan. You blog should be getting a sizable following (visitors) for you to be considered by the Google AdSense team into the money making program.  
Another thing that a blogger should consider is the niche for blogging. I do not think Google AdSense will approve content related to technology – guess you might not provide anything new, gaming content, paid to click websites, easy ways to make money online, you need to get quality content is beneficial and new to the online communities. However, if you want to be serious in blogging and take it as a career, you can meet the above threshold.
Google AdSense pays publishers based on the clicks, impressions and the rate of clicking the adverts running on the website. For you to make a decent income from Google AdSense, you need to get quality traffic from search engines such as Google, Yahoo and Bing. Google AdSense does not value traffic from social media though you can make few coins with your inorganic traffic. Remember, organic traffic  and original content – is all what matters to Google AdSense.

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