Pay Per Click (Cost Per Click) Internet Advertising Model

Pay per click also called cost per click is an advertising program used by advertisers to create awareness of their brands through publishers {website owners (webmasters)}. In this kind of internet advertising model, the advertiser pays when a visitor to a publisher’s website clicks on his/her advert.  Pay per click is the most effective way of marketing your products online followed by content marketing, sponsored reviews, direct adverts, blogging and social media marketing. 
Pay per click programs are based on keywords that advertisers bid to get their products promoted online. Advertisers use programs like Google Adwords, Yahoo Ads, Bing Adwords to bid for promotion of their services online based on cost per click. Google Adwords is the most common pay per click program that is referred by advertisers because of its many advantages. 
In return, the publishers (webmasters) distribute the advertiser’s campaigns through online money making programs that are based on pay (cost) per click which are owned or associated with the programs where the advertisers place their campaigns. For instance, advertisers who place their bids on Google Adwords, their campaigns are distributed by publishers using Google Adsense, a program which the publishers make money with after someone clicks on the adverts. 
Yahoo and Bing campaigns are distributed through program which is used by the publishers to show the advertisers promotions. Google Adsense is again the most common program used by publishers because major websites use the program to monetize their content. 
So, should advertisers consider or use pay per click program only to run their online campaigns? NO! Advertiser should consider using the pay per click program in their campaigns and include direct adverts on their targeted websites, social media campaigns like targeting Facebook, content marketing that includes posting articles on directories or guest blogging, and creating a blog for their products. 
The pay per click program will help in improving business performance and increase volume of sales if it managed according to the current trends.

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