Who is a Webmaster? What is Webmaster Tools?

What exactly does being a webmaster mean? What is the meaning of webmaster tools? You can get million answers from search engines on what webmaster means? I will use simple explanation to discuss the meaning of Who is a Webmaster? What is Webmaster Tools?

Webmaster is formed from two words web and master.  Web includes the interconnected communities online through the use of Internet. Master means anyone who has a thorough knowledge of something. This means that a webmaster is someone who has a through knowledge about the web and its applications.

This can be one of the ‘ancient’ definitions of the word webmaster. People thought you have to go a university for you to become a webmaster, things have changed – and it’s no longer the case.

In the world of blogging, anyone who owns a blog or a website is called a webmaster because they manage their blogs and websites without the assistance of an expert in that area. If you are managing your own blog and website, it can only mean you have mastered the web and you do not need any help from anyone.

Why is it that every one has become a webmaster? This is because of the enhanced development of CMS (content management systems) that helps webmasters to develop their own websites without any help from anyone.

After all, webmaster tools are available for free and anyone can access them and follow simple instructions and ensure their websites are SEO compliant. Creating of HTMLs and developing a CSS widget and plugin has become very easy for general webmasters because they depend on online tools that help them in playing around with their blogs HTML templates.

The webmasters tools that are available online and mostly provided by search engines such as Google and Bing, help many bloggers in getting their websites online and be visible when people are searching for information online.

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