Baking As A Business Opportunity In Kenya

Baking is a simple skill that can be learned within a short, period. Many youth who have the passion to bake have taken up this opportunity. Baking is very profitable due to the existence of a large market for baked products.  

There are various products you can bake such as a wide range of cakes, biscuits, scones, cookies, muffins, cup cakes and mandazi. You can supply what you bake to cafes, supermarkets, shops, restaurants and coffee houses. The business must conform to legal requirements.  Here are a few tips on how to run a successful bakery business.

1.         Invest in appropriate equipment
Having the appropriate backing equipment will reduce the cost of baking while producing quality products. Appropriate technology will ensure there is no waste of material. Use modern technology to bake creative stuff especially wedding and birthday cakes.

2.         Strategic location
Logistical issues must be approached with an open mind. Location is a key factor to consider. Locate your bakery in an area that is open and easily accessible. Ensure you location has many people passing. Your bakery location must be able to attract customers.

3.         Staff
Hire highly qualified personnel that understand the dynamics of baking. Motivate your employees to ensure that your clients are satisfied. Constantly train your employees to adapt to changes in the industry.

4.         Manage expenses
As much as possible ensure that your bakery expenses are low. Try and minimize you expenses by buying ingredients in bulk and minimizing the staff. Use technology to reduce the cost of production.

5.         Pricing
Offer affordable prices that are competitive compared to prevailing market prices. Prices the products according to size and the ingredients used.

Baking is an important source income in Kenya. There are many successful bakeries in Kenya, and you can have a successful bakery too. What you need is to understand what your customer needs and satisfy their needs. Be creative when baking by trying out new things.

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