Cards Making Business In Kenya

The business of making cards in Kenya is growing owing to the large number of events being organized every other day. Cards are made for various occasions from weddings, fare wells, business cards and fundraise. Card varies depending with the needs of your clients. Wedding offers the largest market for cards in Kenya.

 To start a card making business, you need to have the basic computer skills. More specifically you need to be able to use programs such as page maker and Ms Publisher. These two programs are the ones that are used to design cards. Train for these two essential programs it will only take you a few weeks.
You will need to buy a computer for designing the cards and a printer for producing the cards. Get a good printer for the best manufactures to ensure that you produce high quality cards. The paper on which you print the cards must be of good quality. You need to use different colors depending with the needs of your clients. You can decorate the cards using ribbons especially for wedding cards.
You ought to be creative to survive in this highly competitive sector. You must possess the ability to develop unique designs for all your clients. You can check the internet for creative ideas that you can implement. Use different colors of card paper. You can also try out new calligraphy for the cards. However, your clients must approve of all your ideas.
Your prices must be competitive with those of your rivals. Negotiate skillfully with your clients to settle at the best price for you and your clients. After you clients have made an order, it is important that you deliver the order within the stipulated time lines. You cannot afford delays as this will make you lose clients.

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