Chapati Masters Business In Kenya

Chapattis are one of Kenya most popular foods. However, many people think that it is cumbersome to make chapattis. Many unemployed women and youth are making a living out of the sale of chapattis. If you love to cook you can venture into this business and make a living out of it. I will tell you why chapatti making is a business ventures you cannot afford to ignore.

The demand for chapattis is very high especially in residential areas. Many people leave their work places and school very tired to get to the kitchen and fix a meal. Therefore, they buy food that is already prepared. The other reason why chapattis are highly demanded is because they are extremely cheap costing between Ksh. 10 to 20.

The chapatti business requires highly little capital investment. You will need capital to get an operating license. After registering the business, you will need a room to do you business and other utilities for operating. The operating costs are particularly low while the income is high.

The returns to this business are particularly high. It is a venture you will not regret.  The ingredients are relatively affordable, and the returns are triple the cost of the ingredients. Therefore, you are guaranteed of making a profit.

You need to locate you chapatti making business in an area with a lot of traffic to attract many customers. Locate you business near roads but ensure that all health precaution is taken. Ensure the food is safe and clean.

Make delicious chapattis that will have your customers coming back for more. Delicious chapattis coupled with good customer relations will help your business grow. The reputation of your business is highly important build a positive image within your neighborhood. You can make other food alongside your chapatti business to increase sales.

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