Church Business In Kenya (God Forbid)

The church seems to be commercialized in Kenya (God Forbid). Many people tend to view the church as an easy source of income. This notion has seen an upsurge of churches all over the country. Individuals are beginning their own churches that have different names away from the conventional churches.
The reason why more churches are being started is due to the increased number of church goers. I may not agree with the idea of using the church as a source of income, but the truth of the matter is this is happening. Many faithful are breaking away from their churches and starting their own church.
The church business is quite simple for a number of reasons. First, you only require a license. This is a legal requirement that notifies the state of the existence of your church.  With all legal procedures adhered to, you can then get a room where your congregation will be meeting.
The ease of starting churches is the reason why we have numerous churches in residential areas. Appropriate location is important to ensure that you attract faithful to your church.
To start a church you also need to be familiar with the scriptures. Faithful come to the church to get spiritual nourishment, and you need to give your faithful exactly that. Ensure that you can comprehend and interpret the scripture accordingly. You probably should consider studying theology to be able to understand the scriptures better.
The church business is particularly popular because, as the church owner you are able to make a considerable income on a weekly basis. Much of what the faithful give end up in the pockets of the pastors hence the reason why more churches are being started, we have seen on our TV screens some ministers asking people to send a specific amount of money to get a breakthrough in their lives. 
Considering the fact that most Kenyans and generally people around the world a desperate to become rich, overcome evil powers, people are tempted to sent money to their miracles. Some churches collect thousands and hundreds of thousands on a single day. This makes it a highly lucrative business.

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