Cyber Café Businesses In Kenya

Cyber cafés is highly demanded by millions of Kenyans especially with the advancement of technology. Kenya is working towards growing its ICT sector as provided for in vision 2030. The ICT sector is an integral part in growing the Kenyan economy. 
Cyber cafés is very popular as they are used as a source of information from the internet. Many people without personal computers rely on cyber café’s to access information. Cyber café is a booming business in Kenya especially in urban areas. There are a number of things to know about the cyber café business.
1.         Data prices
Data prices in Kenya have significantly dropped, therefore, ensure that your data prices are competitive. Charge prices that are reasonable and ensure you make an appropriate margin. Affordable prices will attract customers which is good for business.
2.         Internet speed
As a cyber café operator, seek services from a good service provider. Ensure that your service provider has internet that is fast to avoid frustrating your customers. Fast internet speed ensures that you clients can do a lot within a short period hence happy satisfied customers.
3.         Offer a range of services
Cyber café business in Kenya is not only about surfing the internet. There are other services you could offer your clients such as making cards, printing, scanning documents, photocopying and type setting. These additional services could increase your income. Offer quality services to ensure customers are satisfied.
4.         be observant
Be keen on what is happening in the cyber café. This will help you identify the customers who need your assistance. Be keen to check the time your clients spend online to charge them appropriately.
You might need a significant amount of capital to set up the business. However, once the business is up and running minimal operating costs are involved.

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