Day Care Business In Kenya

The popularity of day care institutions has been growing over the years. This is attributed to the fact that there is an increase in the number of working mothers in the country. Working mothers need an assurance that their kids will be safe and well taken care of while they are at work.
More women are taking advantage of these institutions to ensure that their careers are not ruined. Starting a day is quite simple and does not require any skills. You only need know how to take care of kids such as feeding them.
You do not necessarily have to find a venue for your day care centre. You can use your home if you have enough room and the neighborhood is safe enough for the kids. Ensure the area has enough room for the kids to play around and it ought to be secure for the children’s safety. 
Serene Places are most preferred for day care centers.  However, if you choose to start a day care away from home, it is essential that you get the necessary licensing. Ensure the day care is located in a safe area.
As an unemployed person in Kenya, you could seek opportunities in your vicinity. Presence of working families who are not of school should be your target. Approach them and inform them of your intent to start a day care centre. If, they warm up to your idea them start the business since you have identified potential clients.
Engage the children in various activities. Ensure that you teach them something new every day. Engage the children’s imagination to spark their creativity. Activities such as sports, singing, drawing, painting and storytelling are very effective activities.  
Rest is also important for kids after they have taken part in the various activities. Develop an effective activity plan for the activities. Always ensure that the kids are happy with your services.

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