Events Planning Business In Kenya

Event planning and organizing are one of Kenya’s most profitable business ventures. Events planners are people who help others organize their upcoming events. These people organize wedding, fare wells, graduation ceremonies, concerts, beauty pageants and birthdays. 

Event organizing does not require special skills. You need to be able to work within timelines and make event success. To be a successful events planner you must possess the ability to coordinate activities.

 Ensure no errors are experienced during events everything must go right. Here are some qualities that will help you run a successful events planning business.

1.         Time conscience
When planning an event you dealing with deadlines. It is necessary that you organize a successful business within your client time frame. You need to get all supplier and service provider before the due date.
2.         Organized
Organization helps you to coordinate the activities of the various service providers. This will ensure that all vital services will be available during the events day.
3.         Open minded
An events planner must be able handle matter in an open mind. An open mind will help you be able to handle unexpected eventualities. You need to be flexible enough to change the course of action in case things are not working.

Planning a single event will earn you hundreds of thousands or millions depending with the size of the event.

 You need to network with various service providers such as caterers, tent and chair providers, florist and bakers. Having a network of service providers will make it easy for you to source for people to make the events a success.

You must pay to the specific details of what you clients want. Every client has his unique preferences, and it is essential to make their big day exactly what they want. Consult your clients before making major decisions for your clients.

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