Farming is a huge business in Kenya whether it is under small scale or large scale. Contrary to the notion that farming requires large tracks of land, farming can be carried out on a small scale and earn you a living. 
Farming is extremely profitable in Kenya because Kenya’s economy is primarily agricultural. Depending with the size of your farm, you can plant various crops or vegetables. Farm products have a large market in Kenya. Crops in Kenya grow in different zones because different crops do well under different climates.
Vegetable farming is a particularly profitable venture. For small farm vegetable farming is most appropriate. Vegetables are highly demanded especially in urban areas. Highly consumed vegetables in Kenya include Kales, spinach, tomatoes, onions, carrots and coriander. 
The wide consumption of vegetables is attributed to their nutritional value. These vegetables mature in a few months and have a wide market hence you will be able to get some cash in a short period.
Cereal farming is also commonly practiced. Maize is the most widely grown crops in Kenya. Maize has a large market especially because it is used to produce maize flour, which Kenya’s staple food. Maize farming is done for subsistence and in large scale. 
Maize farming is extremely profitable because the maize yield is roughly 1000kg/ha. A 90Kg bag of maize retails from between Ksh. 2000 and Ksh.3000. The Kenya cereals boards are an essential market for maize in Kenya.
Other crops that have a great market in Kenya include beans and peas.
If you intend to take up farming as your source of income, it is essential to identify the crops that do well in your region. 
During the dry season, you can irrigate your crops using piped water. This will ensure that you will have a continuous production of crops all year round. When carrying out subsistence farming, you can sell the surplus to earn some extra income.

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