Fish Farming Business In Kenya

Fish farming is increasingly growing in Kenya due to the increased demand for fish. The consumption of fish is growing at a tremendously high rate. Fresh water fish has the largest demand probably because it easily available. Fish farming is being practice in many parts of the country. Here are some reasons why you should consider fish farming.

1.         Requires little space

Fish farming requires a few square foot of land to construct a fish pond. The size of your fish pond depends with the number of fish you intend to rear. Few fish require a relatively small pond while many fish require a big pond. Ensure that the size of your pond is appropriate to avoid overcrowding of fish.

2.         Large fish market

The fish market in Kenya is extremely large. Many people have turned to fish consumption. This means that you have a ready market for your fish. Hotels and other eateries also offer ready market for fish. There are industries that use fish products to manufacture their products such as fertilizers. Carry out a feasibility test to identify your potential market.

3.         Minimal investment

You require minimal capital to start fish farming business. You require capital to buy fingerlings, fish food and get a reliable supply of water. Sufficient supply is vital to ensure that the fish get water clean water for their survival. This requires roughly Ksh.20,000 and its returns to investment are huge.

4.         Huge returns

The returns to fish farming are particularly attractive. This is because fish prices are high as compared to any other form of meat in Kenya. The prices differ from one species of fish to another. The fish with the highest demand fetches the highest prices in the market. Invest wisely to ensure you reap maximum return. You could start small and then grow your fish farming business gradually.

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