Florist Business In Kenya

The domestic market for flowers in Kenya has grown tremendously over the last decade. Flowers are highly demanded especially during events such as wedding. The various flowers that are grown in Kenya are roses, carnations, alstroemeria, lilies, gypsophila, and sunflowers. Roses and carnations have the largest market share. 

These flowers are used to add beauty to event venues by adding color. Many people have taken up the flower business as a business venture and are making a living out of it. Below are reasons why you should become a florist in Kenya.

1.         Huge demand for flowers

Flowers have a high demand in all parts of Kenya. The large demand is attributed to a change in the lifestyle for Kenyans. Wedding offers the largest market for flowers. The flowers are used to add color and beauty to the wedding venues.  Red roses and carnations have the largest market among Kenyans.

2.         Availability of flowers

The flowers are locally nurtured in Kenyan farms, and you can access the flowers easily on order. There is also a large variety of flowers for you to choose from depending on the preferences of your clients. The flowers are available throughout the year seen they are nurtured in green houses in various parts of the country.

3.         Huge returns

The returns you get as a florist is reasonable. This is because you purchase the flowers from the farms at a relatively low price and sell them at a higher price to clients. The price ranges depending with the number of cut flowers sold.

4.         Skills and capital requirement

There are no special skills required to be successful florist. You need to be creative with your flower arrangements and offer appropriate prices. Little capital is required to start a florist business. You need to apply for a license and get business venues. It is important to network your florist business with wedding planners who will inform you of arising opportunities.

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