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Fruit salad business in Kenya is a booming venture among university graduates. Start to invest if you have 50,000K and make profits. Getting employment after graduating is not an easy thing for many students and the option for starting a small business is what all they have to make their life's better. Fruit salad is a low cost business idea that needs determination to make in the market.

Kenya being a tropical regional has a favorable climate for many fruits. Fruits and fruit salads are largely consumed in Kenya for their nutritional value. The most commonly consumed fruits in Kenya are bananas, pineapples, apples, water melons, passion fruits, mangoes, oranges, beet roots and pawpaw. University students and other Kenyans interested in this business exploit the desire for a healthy living to make a fortune.
This fruits are used to make fruit salads and fresh juices. The fruit salad business is a profitable venture because it fetches high prices. According to the BusinessDaily, a group of three men make daily earnings of 12,000/= after investing 200,000/= to start their business in Kitengela Town, Kajiado County. The success story of their business is based on principles of commitment and the believes that anyone can succeed in any environment with determination.
To start a fruit salad business, you need to get a room or a shed to carry out your business. Your business premise must be located strategically. Ensure you business is in a strategic area where you will get many customers. The cost of rent ranges from 13,000 to 40,000 depending on location and specific town where you are interested to set up your business. For a start, find a cheaper place to rent, you must maximize profits.
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Ensure that your business location is clean to ensure your fruit salads are healthy. When dealing with food stuff you ought to adhere to health requirements. Getting a healthy certificate might be mandatory from the ministry of healthy alongside the county business permit. Ensure you are in the good side of the law when doing any kind of business.
You must also get a reliable fruit supplier. Seek the supplier that offers high quality tasty fruits. Your supplier must also charge fair prices so that it is possible for you to make a profit. Develop a good relationship with your fruit supplier.
Offer your clients with different types of fruits salads. You must be sensitive to customer’s tastes. Some customers prefer certain fruits over others, and it is important you give them what they prefer. Have different fruit mixes.
Have an effective packaging for your salads. Disposable dishes and forks are the most preferred. Using disposable dishes means that your customers can carry their salads to wherever they want. Many people dislike being compelled to have their salads out on the street.
Ensure that you charge affordable prices for your salads. The prices for your salads should be dictated by the prevailing fruit prices. The prices must be placed in such a way that you cover your expenses and make a profit.
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