Google Plus And Your Small Business

Google Plus had not been around for long before many critics announced it a failure, but they might have spoken too soon. Google’s social networking platform continues to add users, and has surpassed Twitter as the second most popular social networking service to Facebook, according to Business Insider. Google Plus is proving especially valuable to small businesses, quickly becoming a must have for the savvy small business owner.

The complete package

Google Plus gives users access to a wide range of integrated tools, many of which they may already have been using separately. Maps, Search and Docs are all integrated into the platform, as is the new Hangouts feature. Businesses can take advantage of these tools in multiple ways.


The map integration in Google Plus allows visitors to immediately determine a route to a business. This is more convenient than copying and pasting an address, as one must do with Facebook. It is always a good idea to remove extra hurdles between a company and potential customers, and Maps integration does this.

Local Search

Google Plus offers a local search option, something that can help level the playing field for small local businesses against larger companies. Almost every business nowadays works on SEO in some capacity, because ranking on a search page is important for exposure. Google Plus Local helps small companies to rank higher on the page through a combination of not only the number of reviews, but the number of good reviews, according to Complete Web Resources, a web and SEO strategy company. When customers like a business and review it accordingly, it can help the business compete in search rankings even if it does not have a huge SEO budget.


For small businesses that need to collaborate documents, Google Docs offers quite a few useful features for free. Some companies prefer other software solutions for their document needs, but for those already using Docs, Google Plus integrates seamlessly with the program. If all employees have a Google Plus account, they can connect through Docs easily, especially using the new Hangouts.


This is Google’s new video chat offering. Employees on Google Plus can easily chat over video – for meetings, troubleshooting or collaboration. They can discuss documents while navigating them in Docs. They can even swap screens to see what the other person is doing.
Hangouts is also an excellent solution for long-distance communication. Companies with employees that work remotely or are out of town can use Hangouts to quickly discuss any business-related issues.

Good for small business

Google Plus offers businesses a social networking platform where work can actually get done, as Chicago Business puts it. A business can easily segment users into one circle, and customers into another. Workers stay connected where the work is getting done, and customers can access information about the business quickly and easily.
Aside from Local Search, an informative Google Plus page can help businesses rank well on Google Search in a general way as well. Business Insider says that a Google Plus page is now part of Google’s search algorithm.
Google does not require people use all of its products. Just like Windows hosting at will work on a Macbook, you do not have to use the Chrome browser to utilize Google Plus.

Free leverage

Small businesses all hope for success. It requires using what leverage is available to stand out and stay ahead. Google Plus does not cost anything, and the advantages it offers to small businesses, both for productivity and customer interaction, are significant.

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