How To Create A Prosperous Blog | Sucessful Blogging Tips

6 Steps to Creating a Successful Blog | Creating a blog involves learning what a blog means, getting the right topic for your blog because keywords play a significant role in developing a successful weblog, creating a business plan for your intended blog, making financial decisions if you are serious in investing in the world of blogging. 
Before you start a blog, I want you to understand its not a walk in the park to make any meaningful living from blogging activities, there is need for consistence production of quality content, keep you audience interested on what you write. Patience is required before you call yourself a successful blogger. 
These easy steps we hope would be of great help to you to plan, prepare and manage your blogging career. When given a link, click to learn more about the topic 

Step 1: Learn What a Blog Means – For Beginners 

Before creating a blog, it is important to get the correct meaning of a blog and what it entails. A blog is a website that has its content published in a chronological manner and its updated frequently compared to a static website. This is very important before starting a blog in any niche. It is also necessary to understand the different blogging platforms as you learn how to create a blog. 

Step 2: Choose Your Blogging Topic – Niche Websites – and Name Your Blog

After learning what a blog is all about, it is now the time to choose the topic your blog will be based on – or get a specific keyword – this is defined as niche websites. You can decide to create a blog based on what you like most but you need to evaluate the volume of searches using Google Adwords to determine if what you like is searched by people online. Get the right topic for your blog is very important because you will learn how to create a competitive advantage on your niche.
This is very important in different aspects, for instance, you might be interested in affiliate marketing as your source of making money from your blog, in such a case, you need to identify the best niche with less competition. Google Adwords Kewyword planner is a free tool that helps bloggers identify how certain keywords are searched online and plays a significant role for beginners.  
There are different blogging platforms out there for bloggers to choose from – you need to get the right one for your blog. You will now set-up your blog on the platform you have chosen. Setting up a blog is easy on the major platforms and you only need to follow the instructions given on the pop-ups
After getting the right blogging platform for your blog, and having named your blog, it is time to promote it after setting it up. Ensure you do not do spam when promoting your blog to avoid being burned by major search engines like Google. Getting the right traffic to your blog is important

Step 5: Creating a Webmaster Account on Google and Bing

Google and Bing webmaster tools helps you submit your sitemaps (the map of your website) for indexing and easy crawling (how major search engines visit your website). This account will help in evaluating your site performance online and it is very important for all the bloggers. Webmasters tools are important for all the guys wanting to exploit the online world through blogs
Once your blog is up and running, and it is promoted, it is time to make money. There are different ways to make money with your blog and you need to choose the correct one for you blog. The first method is running third party ads such as ads from Google Adsense,, Chitika. Other methods include affiliate marketing, direct ads, reviews, paid guest blogging and offering services from your blog.

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