ICT for Business

Today, Information communication and technologies (ICT) and business are interwoven (Lindgren 2011). Empirical studies carried out in 56 developing countries indicate that organizations that use ICT expand grow faster, invest more and are more profitable compared to those which do not use ICT. ICT plays a vital role in the economic growth and poverty eradication (Pilat 2003).

 This is because companies can share and spread information over greater distances in high speed. This report looks into an organization referred to as Cannon Global Group, a corporation that manufactures and distributes optical, imaging and office-based automation technology.

Cannon Global Group was established in 1933 in Japan where its main headquarters are. Its operations have expanded globally, and currently it has regional headquarters in all continents. Primarily, the company is listed in the Tokyo Stock Exchange and secondarily in the New York Stock Exchange. Cannon uses ICT in solving major challenges.
Major challenges facing cannon group business operations across the world include:
        Poor Information Management
        Meeting Changing Market Needs
        Poor Organizational Planning
        Scalability Issues
In order to assess the most appropriate measures for the challenges, an evaluation should be done. The company has to identify and develop an ICT strategy that suites its needs. The strategy should be in a position of outlining long-term plans of how the company will handle information and integrate different components that are compatible in order to create a working solution.

This also involves coming up with ways in which organizational equipment for information integration can be used efficiently to implement the strategy. With Information and Communication Technology Strategy in place, implementation would mainly involve actually integrating the different components of the physical system, so that all the stages that previously involved paper work can be replaced by credible, timely tasks.

Eventually, good information management would lead to the elimination of problems associated with customer management, changing market needs, poor organizational planning and scalability issues. The elements of an integrated Information Management System include peripherals, networks and document management software. It is at this juncture that Canon Inc. comes in, to help provide the integrated Information Management System for organizations. For instance, Canon Inc. has developed a customizable ICT solution for the education sector, which is suited to enhance efficiency by reducing costs and reducing the administration time of the teachers.

I.T Infrastructure
IT infrastructure includes computer software and hardware, network and telecommunication technologies, key data, core data processing applications and shared IT services (Pieper et al 2005). IT infrastructure consists of two components; human and technical components. Technical infrastructure consists of applications, data and technology. Benefits of IT infrastructure include lower risk of service failure, better management of projects, proactive development of IT services and higher business productivity.

Outsourcing of IT services
Outsourcing is cost effective especially when the company is expanding its operations in other countries. Also, the Company can focus on other larger issues facing the organization. The outsourced company boosts the technological capabilities of the company since it is highly specialized in IT.

Outsourcing may on the contrary lead to downsizing of employees and high employee turnover (Khosrow 2006). The risk of outsourcing can be minimized by recognition of cultural practices between the organization itself and the specializing firm. It is advisable to outsource services since the risk of outsourcing can be mitigated.

Times have changed as businesses can no longer operate without the use of ICT. With ICT more returns on investments are experiences, increased profits and customer satisfaction. It is recommendable.

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