Laundry As A Business Venture In Kenya

Many people in Kenya have become increasingly busy and barely have time to do household chores. This has made the laundry business grow. Laundry business is particularly popular in urban areas where there is a large number of the working class.

You could do other peoples laundry during your free time to earn some extra income. The laundry business involves hand washing of clothes or dry cleaning the clothes. The laundry business does not require special skills, and it is very simple to run.

When hand washing laundry, you do not require investing much capital. You only require availing yourself at your client’s premises. Perhaps you would need to get some washing powder to wash the clothes. Many clients prefer that the laundry is done at their homes. It is important that you do a good job so that your clients enquire your services over and over.

Nurture a good relationship with your clients by providing them excellent services. Offer appropriate prices to your clients. Charge prices according to the work load that is available. You can offer additional services such as ironing of clothes for your clients.

When operating a dry cleaner, ensure that it strategically located in an area where you will attract clients. Dry cleaners are an effective way to the laundry. The clothes are cleaned and dried almost instantly.

When offering dry cleaning services, ensure clients clothes do not get mixed up during cleaning. Label the clothes appropriately for easy sorting. Your charges must not be exorbitant as they will scare away customers. Offer high quality laundry services to enhance consumer loyalty.

You can take up the laundry business as a part time venture or full time. Full time is applicable where you operate a dry cleaning business. The dry cleaning business requires some considerable capital investment to purchase the necessary equipment. Your business must also be registered according to the law.

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