Music or Movie Library Business in Kenya

We all love some good entertainment after a long day of work. Nothing does it better that good movies or a nice playlist of your favorite music. Many youths in Kenya are making a living out of this business idea. The reason this idea is attractive to the youth is because it is fun. I will give you a simplified way to start a music or movie library business.

1.         Business premises
Find a business location that is strategic to get as many customers as possible. The business premise must be in an area where there are many potential customers.
2.         Licensing
It is important to have your business registered as required by government legislation. Compliance with the law ensures that your business operations are legal.
3.         Start your business
To start the movie or music library business, you will need a laptop to burn the music and movies. You will also need to get blank CDs where you will copy the movies and music. You will also need to have a wide selection of movies and music for your clients.
4.         Marketing
You will need to market you business for you to attract clients. Word of mouth can be really effective marketing tool for such a business. Develop good public relations to boost your sales.
There are new movies and music produced every so often, therefore; you must be up to date. Check online for movie premiers so that you can offer your clients with the latest movies.  For music check out newly released music singles and albums.
Organize your music and movie copies according to genres. This will make it easy for you to find movies or music when clients request for them. Make an album of movies and music to help clients who do not have a clear idea of what they want make a choice with ease.

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