Ornament Making As A Business Venture In Kenya

Ornament making in Kenya has grown significantly over the last five years. Ornament making is a source of livelihood for many Kenyans especially the youth. There is a range of ornaments that one can make from bangles, bracelets, necklaces and anklets. The designs vary depending with the materials and the clients you intend to sell the ornaments. There are a number of reasons why ornament making is an important business venture.

1.         Minimal capital investment

The startup capital for ornament making business is little and highly affordable. You only require capital to buy materials for making the ornaments which are quite affordable. You do not require a business premise since you can make the ornaments from the comfort of your home.

2.         Readily available materials

The materials that make ornaments are readily available. These materials can be bought from local markets in Kenya. Maasai beads are particularly popular for making ornaments in Kenya. Glass beads, metal, and leather are also highly popular in making ornaments.

3.         Availability of market

There is a wide market for ornaments in Kenya. Men, women and especially the youth offer a large market for ornaments. As an ornament maker, you need to identify the tastes and preferences of your target market. Make ornaments that appeal to your clients by making them trendy so that they are willing to make purchases.

4.         Flexible working hours

You do not require working full time on ornament making. You can do this part time and commit the rest of your time doing other things. This is especially if you have another job, but you want to substitute your income. However, you can do this full time if you do not have a job and you could make a significant livelihood.
The ornament making business is all about being creative and providing clients with trendy stuff.

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