Poultry Farming Business In Kenya

Poultry farming in Kenya includes rearing chicken for meat and for eggs.  The sale of chicken products can help boost your family’s income. There are many breeds of chicken that are domesticated in Kenya.

Many families especially in rural areas keep a few chickens for subsistence. However, you could keep chicken commercially and make a fortune out of it. Poultry farming business is quite simple to operate. These are the reasons why poultry farming is a great business venture.
Poultry farming requires minimal space. You can rear many chickens in a small space. Take advantage of the idle farm space and start a fish farming project. You can choose to either produce either layers or growers.
Layers are reared for eggs while growers are reared for meat. The poultry house should be constructed in a secure location to avert theft. The structure must also be spacious enough for the chicken you intend to rear.
Poultry farming business is an influential venture because of the existence of a large market for poultry products. Eggs and chicken meat have a large market in hotels, restaurants, supermarkets, butcheries and among Kenyan families.
Bakeries offer a large market for eggs to make their products. Eggs are also consumed largely in Kenyan homes. This offers you a wide potential market. It is essential to carry out a feasibility test before undertaking the poultry business.
The poultry farming business takes a relatively short period of time of roughly 5 to 6 months. This means that you will reap your returns to investment from the investments. With the appropriate care for the chicken they are ready for sale.
 Layers start laying eggs from between 22 to 26 weeks. It is necessary that you watch out for the disease that affects chicken. These diseases could make you incur losses, and it is essential that you vaccinate the chicken.

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