Second Hand Clothes Businesses In Kenya

A large percent of Kenya buy second hand clothes. You may be inclined to think that these clothes are of low quality, but amazingly they are unique and of high quality. The second hand clothes market grows years after the year. 
The reason for this tremendous growth is the fact that these clothes are highly affordable. Second hand clothes vendors offer very affordable prices no wonder they make huge sales. If you intend to venture into the second hand clothes business here are some tips for you.
1.         Be trendy
Fashion is highly dynamic, and it is important that you move with trends. Offer your clients with the latest trends. Carry out research to be aware of the changing fashion trends in the fashion world. You do not want to buy a stock that will not be purchased. Ladies clothes are particularly highly marketable. Ladies love to be fashionable, therefore, ensure your clothes reflect the current trends.
2.         Quality
Consumers always demand to have value for their money. Although the clothes are second hand they must be of high quality for durability. You must never disappoint your clients by selling them poor quality clothing.
3.         Pricing strategies
In the second hand clothes business, your prices can either make or break your business. Place you prices at an affordable level for your clients. Generally, second hand clothes are cheap. However, the prices vary depending with the fabrics and designs of the clothes being sold.
4.         Market your business
Talk about your business to your friends or family. Ask them to let their friends know about your business. This will help you gain clients hence earn an income. Online marketing is also extremely effective. It does not require any capital, and you will be able to reach out to many people. 
Second Hand Clothes Business In Kenya

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