Shoe Shining Business In Kenya

Many of us rubbish this business idea thinking it is of little importance. Many of us cannot visualize themselves doing this business because we think the returns are particularly low. Shoe shiners offer very essential services that we might disregard because we do not need them.

The shoe shinning business requires minimal capital to start. For starters, you will need good quality shoe polish of different colors, brushes and seats for you and your clients. This costs approximately less than Ksh. 5000. This is really affordable. The beauty about this is that you do not have to incur the cost of hiring a business premise. You can operate in the open air.
Many people demand the services of shoe shiners especially in the morning when going to work. People want to look neat and organized when they show up at their work places. Muddy or dusty shoes show some level of disorganization. As a shoe shiner, you need to work in the morning and in the afternoon. You can use the rest your hours doing something else.
You need to locate your business in an area that many people pass. However, where you carry out your business operations must be destruction free. This will ensure that your clients are comfortable when having their shoes cleaned. Charge your clients affordable so that you attract more clients to your business.
A good customer relation is paramount to make it in this business. You need to offer your clients the best of services. Keep your customers happy is in your best interest as this assures you that your customers will come back.
Other than offering shoe shining services, you can venture into shoe repair. This could earn you some extra income. Be diligent in what you do and you will get the results you desire.

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