Bar Business In Kenya

The bar business in Kenya is booming despite the stern government legislation against bars. Many people go to bars after work or other activities to unwind. Many people find bars a good way to catch up with their friends.
Starting a bar is not as complex as it seems. However, starting the bar business requires a considerable capital investment. You must, therefore, be ready to raise this capital to start a bar. Here are easy tips to start a bar.

1.         Get a license

Your business must be legally operating, therefore; it is essential to all required papers. Your business must also get a clean bill from health officials.

2.         Get a business premise

There exist legal guidelines that offer guidelines as to where bars can be located. This is done to ensure that the operations of bars in no way negatively affect the members of society.  Fix chairs and tables among other bar accessories to give the business premise a bar set up.

3.         Purchase stock

You will need to stock your bar with various brands of beer, whisky, brandy, gin, scotch, wine and vodka. Buy a sizable amount of stock to begin with then expand your stock depending with the number of customers. Your stock with time will be determined by what your consumer prefer to take.

4.         Begin operations

Hire the right people for you bar business. Working in a bar can be pretty challenging and, therefore; it is necessary to hire the right people. Price the drinks competitively to attract customers.
You can offer meals in your bar to ensure that your clients do not drink on empty stomachs. The bar business has its challenges especially security wise. It is essential to be ready to handle any unfortunate events arising as a result of excessive alcohol consumption.

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