Investment Opportunities In The Energy Sector Of Kenya

Despite the government’s attempts to distribute power across the country, the demand is way below the supply. The private sector has been encouraged to join the energy sector to attempt to eradicate the insufficiencies. 

The energy sector has numerous opportunities due to the fact there are many sources of energy in Kenya. Investors have limitless opportunities that they can exploit. The various sources of energy in Kenya include geothermal, solar, wind, hydroelectric, coal and bio-fuel. Below are investment opportunities in this sector.

The manufacture of transformers, power cables, insulators, power guards, meters and switch guards is an important opportunity. The gadgets are very vital in the power supply chain, and this assures those who invest in this sector of sales. As a manufacturer, you can also repair faulty gadgets such as transformers.

The Kenyan government has encouraged the private sector to invest in energy production. The government is emphasizing the development and the exploitation of renewable sources of energy that are environmental friendly. 

The private sector investors have been encouraged to tap solar and wind energy in various parts of Kenya. This is a great opportunity bearing in mind that hydroelectric power has not been adequately supplied in many regions of Kenya.

Investors can also invest in the construction of dams to harness water for the production of hydroelectric power. The private sector has been instrumental in the construction of additional dams in the country. Investors stand to make massive gains through such an investment and at the same time help supply power.

Another opportunity in the energy sector is to supply electric poles.  The poles are essential in the transmission and distribution of power. You will need a large a farm to produce the trees that will be harvested and dried for use as posts.

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