Investment Opportunities In The Fisheries Sector India

India is one of the world’s largest fish producers. Fish production has a great contribution to the economy of India. The fishing sector has provided numerous employment opportunities to millions of people and a foreign exchange earner. With the advancement of fishing technology, the fishing industry has grown tremendously. I will discuss a few investment opportunities in the fisheries sector of India that investors can take advantage of.

Investors can take part in inland fish farming.  Investing in inland fishing will ensure that India can produce sufficient fresh water fish. Investment is required to create ponds and hatcheries for fresh water fish. Inland farming is also done to rear ornamental fish. There is a large market for fresh water fish in India and outside India. India exports some of its inland fish.

In the marine fishing sector, investment is required to introduce mechanized vessels for fishing.  These vessels are the importance as they improve fishing techniques. Investors can also fund the purchase of vessel that is specific to fishing a specific species of fish. The advanced fishing vessels ensure that only the right size of fish is caught by the fishing nets.

Coastal aquaculture is another important investment opportunity in the fishing sector of India. Investors are participating in shrimp farming and shrimp hatcheries. These facilities have been used to rear shrimps which have a high demand in India and in other parts of the world. Marine units and cage culture units are also highly invested in the coastal region.

Other fishing and fish farming, other subsidiary industries, have benefited from fishing. There are investment opportunities in fish processing plants, cold storages, fishing schools, feed mills and fish infrastructure development. Many investors are getting involved in these subsidiary sectors especially with the growing fishing sector in India.

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