Investment Opportunities In The Tourism Sector Of Kenya

Tourism is one of Kenya leading revenue earners. Kenya has numerous magnificent tourist attractions from sandy beaches, game parks and reserves, beautiful mountains, amazing cultures and lakes. The government is seeking to identify investors to aid in the expansion of the tourism infrastructure. I will discuss a few investment opportunities available in the tourism sector.

You can invest in the construction of accommodation facilities for tourist. Investors can opt to invest in hotels, hotel apartments and cottages. These facilities are on high demand due to the increase in the number of both domestic and foreign tourist. Additional accommodation facilities need to be developed in major tourist destinations such as the coast, Rift Valley, Mt Kenya region and Nairobi among other tourist destinations.

Conference facilities are another lucrative investment opportunity. There is a high demand for conference facilities to hold both domestic and international delegations. Kenya being home to two UN associations and its strategic location within East Africa makes it a convention destination of choice. The many conferences, exhibitions and conventions, have outgrown the capacity of the largest conference centre KICC. This offers investors an opportunity to expand the capacity of conference facilities.

You can also invest in the entertainment sector. Tourist love to have a good time; therefore entertainment options must be diverse. The most preferred entertainment options include casinos, clubs, amusement parks, theatres and the film industry.  The improving economy offers people with more disposable income to spend on entertainment.

Investors can also invest in developing sporting facilities in the country. Improving the sporting facilities of Kenya will attract foreign sports bodies to hold international sports activities in the country. Many sports facilities in the country need to be upgraded to meet internationally accepted standards. Investors can fund the development of water sports, golf facilities, stadiums and athletics training facilities.

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