Investment Opportunities In The Manufacturing Sector Kenya

The manufacturing sector is one of the largest sectors in Kenya. There are limitless natural resources in Kenya hence the many manufacturing plants. Both domestic and foreign investors have ventured into the manufacturing business. 

Manufacturing in the country is done on both small and large scale. This sector is a multibillion sector that has a large market due to high demand for goods. Here are some investment opportunities available in the manufacturing sector.

The chemical industry has many subsectors that investors can explore. The major industries in the chemical sector are fertilizer manufacture, dye and paint manufacture, glass production, cement manufacture, production of steel and iron, aluminum cans manufacture and medical equipment manufacture. The demand for chemical products grows annually hence the need for additional investors in the sector.

Agro processing is another important investment opportunity in the manufacturing industry. Some of the largest industries in the Agro processing sector include processing of vegetable oils, fruit concentrates and industrial sugar refinery. This full potential of this sector has not been realized, and investors ought to venture into this business.

There are very few Tyre manufacturing plants in Kenya. Owing to the presence of millions of vehicles on Kenyan roads, Tyre manufacturing is a feasible investment opportunity. Tyres are a very essential part of any automobile.

 Investing in this industry assures you of a ready market for your goods. You could also invest in the production of automobile components. The presence of a large automobile market is an investment opportunity. The production of spare parts for vehicles is a very lucrative business in the country.

Other than the availability of raw material for manufacturing industries, the integration of the East African Community (EAC) has facilitated the growth of this sector. This is because EAC countries have an open border to their neighbors hence expanding the market for manufactured goods.

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