Kale (Sukuma Wiki) Businesses in Kenya

Kales are one of Kenya’s most demanded green vegetables especially due to their nutritional value. The Kales business is extremely vibrant both in urban areas and rural areas. Selling Kales is very easy and offers you an opportunity to make a decent living. I will provide tips on how to succeed in the Kales business.
To realize meaningful gains out of the sale of Kales, you must buy the Kales in large quantities. Buying good in a lump sum is much cheaper than buying in small scale. The low cost of Kales offers an opportunity for you to make profits from sales.
Where possible, identify a supplier who grows the Kales and buy directly from the farmer.  Buying the kales from farmers lowers the prices that would be charged if you bought from a market supplier. Trading with the farmer is not only cheap but also reliable.
If you have a farm, you can grow the Kales yourself and supply them to the market. Growing the Kales will drastically reduce your business cost hence increasing the profit margin. Kales require a relatively small space to farm and the returns are high. You only need to ensure you have an adequate supply of water to ensure Kales supply all year.
To increase your sales, identify areas where you can supply your Kales. Supermarkets, hotels, schools, restaurants and grocery store offer very high prices for vegetables. Approach them and request to supply the Kales. You are assured to make huge profits if you are supplying vegetables to such institutions.
Since there are many Kale sellers in the market, you need to have a strategy to ensure you earn a meaningful income. Quality and reliability are the most important aspects. Ensure that the Kales you sell are health and fit for consumption. Take the initiative to know where the kales were framed to avoid poisoning your customer.

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