Kisumu County Investment Opportunities

Kisumu County is located by the shores Lake Victoria and is considered the gateway to East Africa’s land locked countries. Kisumu has great potential to be an economic hub in Kenya. I will highlight a few investment opportunities that need to be exploited in this region.

The fish produced in Kisumu is transported to Thika for processing. This represents lost opportunities in the region. Investor can establish fish processing plant that will process fish from Lake Victoria. The industries will create jobs for the many jobless youths in Kisumu. Fertilizer manufacturing industries can also be developed in the region. Fish bones are used to make certain fertilizer and investors should venture into this business.

The tourism sector in Kisumu is also promising. With the establishment of the Kisumu International airport, the region has been opened up to the world. Massive investment has to be made on Kisumu’s tourist attractions since they are under developed. The lakeside and Rusinga Islands need an upgrade to attract tourist.

The residents of Kisumu need to invest in better fishing equipment. The use of archaic fishing is to blame for meager earning the fishermen get. Lake Victoria supplies a large percent of fresh water fish in the country. Indiscriminate fishing is threatening the existence of fish in the lake.

The agricultural sector also offers an important investment opportunity. Food security is a major concern in this county. Rice is grown in large scale, in Kano plains while the cane is grown in Kibos. Subsistence farming is also practiced, and farmers sell their extra produce to make some cash.

Infrastructure development has been taken up by various investors. Transport, energy and water infrastructure need to be improved to better the lives of Kisumu residents. Since Kisumu is an upcoming economic, the real estate business is slowly picking up. Commercial premises have been established to accommodate the businesses that are being started in the region.

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