Nairobi County Business Opportunities

Nairobi County is not only Kenya leading economic hub but also the capital city. I will highlight the sectors that drive the economy of Nairobi County.

The real estate sector is the most thriving business in this county. There is a shortage of housing facilities in the city owing to rural urban migration, and this has resulted in the creation of slums. There is a high demand for housing units both in the city and its outskirts. The housing units that have a large demand include residential homes and commercial premises.  Many investors are venturing into this highly profitable business.

SME’s have also played a crucial in the economic growth of Nairobi County. Business such as mobile accessories, clothes shops, restaurants, bookshops, and the transport sector among other SME businesses earns billion of revenue for the county. These businesses have lowered the levels of unemployed in the city. The government through the Youth Enterprise Fund has enabled many youths to start up businesses.

Many companies, industries and company headquarters, are located in Nairobi.  Industrial area and Mombasa road house many industries that manufacture essential commodities. This presents numerous employment opportunities no wonder the high levels rural urban migration. The government hopes that devolution will help the migration problem.

Nairobi County is home to many tourist attractions which is an influential revenue earner. Nairobi National park, Giraffe Centre, Nairobi National museum, Nairobi Arboretum, Ostrich Park and Kenya National Archives are some attractions found in the city.  Massive investments have been made to ensure Nairobi is an influential tourist destination. Investment is the hotel industries, and the entertainment industry have been high is the last few years. Conference facilities have also been developed to cater persons in need of such facilities.

Some of the significant challenges that the governor His Excellency Kidero, must address include insecurity and the drugs menace. Traffic jams also remain a challenge although the government has expanded major roads. 

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