Nyeri County Investment Opportunities

Nyeri County is located in the central province at the foothills of Aberdare. Nyeri is covered with thick eucalyptus forest with a wonderful view of Mt. Kenya. The economy is this county is primarily agriculture due to the presence of fertile soils.
The county has six constituencies Tetu, Kieni, Mukurweini, Nyeri Town, Othaya and Mathira. Nyeri County has a great potential due to the numerous resources the county is endowed with.
Cash crop farming is largely practiced in Nyeri County. The people of Nyeri have utilized the fertile arable land for cultivation of tea and coffee. The county has large tracks of land covered with tea or coffee that are exported to other countries. The farmers have proposed the establishment of a central coffee mill. The Farmer also wants to market their produce centrally to enjoy high prices in the international market.
Food crop farming in Nyeri is done for subsistence and for commercial use. Maize and beans are the most cultivated food crops in this county. Other crops such as arrowroots, peas and vegetables, are also cultivated. This has ensured food security in the county. There are maize mill that process maize flower in the county.
Livestock farming is also an important economic activity in Nyeri. Dairy farming is particularly popular both in small and large scale. There are numerous milk processing plants that buy milk from farmers helping them earn a living. Fish farming is also practiced in Nyeri. Investors have taken up large scale dairy farming that is particularly profitable due to the high demand for dairy products in the country.
Nyeri County boost of a number of tourist attractions that have earned the county significant income. Abardere and Mt. Kenya national parks are the major tourist attractions. Numerous hotels and conference facilities have been developed due to the presence of these parks. The greatest challenge the county is facing is the illicit brew business.

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