Opportunities In The Livestock Sector USA

Livestock farming has been practiced in USA for centuries. The sectors keep getting better as a result of the introduction of new technology. Technology has made it easy to practice livestock farming in the US. 

The livestock sector earns billions of dollars annually and is considered an essential investment opportunity. The government supports this sector through funding and in policy making. Some of the major livestock sectors that are a good investment opportunity are discussed below.

Cattle’s farming is the largest sector in the livestock industry. The cattle reared in the ranches are for either dairy production or beef production. The high demand for beef and dairy products both domestically and in the international market has made cattle rearing an important investment opportunity. The US government has marketed its cattle products across the world leading to increased demand.

Pig farming in the US is also a very profitable investment owing to the demand for pork and other pig products. Pig farming is worth over 20 billion dollars making it an influential sector in the livestock production industry. Investors are undertaking pig production to enjoy the great returns.

Poultry farming is also attracting massive investments in the US. Poultry farming is practiced for the production of eggs and meat. Chicken is one of the most consumed types of meat in the US. The product is demanded in restaurants, hotels, supermarkets and in homes.

Goat and sheep farming are another essential investment opportunity in the livestock sector.  Although goat farming is not as popular as cattle farming, the demand for sheep and goat products is slowing growing the sector. The two animals are mainly reared for meat. Mutton and goat meat have a large market across the world.

Livestock farming is widely dispersed across many states of the US. Farming is done is areas with favorable climatic conditions.

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