Qualities Of Effective Managers

Managers play crucial roles in ensuring that organizational activities are run smoothly. Managers ensure that efforts from employees are harmonized to achieve organizational goals. This is done through the coordination of efforts and effective leadership.
Managers are involved in the day to day running of organizations as well as making business decisions. Here are a few traits that a manager must possess.

Effective communicator

A manager must have the ability to communicate effectively. Communication is an essential medium for conveying messages and instructions to employees. Communication is two ways; from the management to employees and from the employees to management. Communication channels must be seamless to avoid communication breakdown.

Industry knowledge

A manager must have a vast knowledge of the industry he is operating. This ensue that he makes conscious decisions and can forecast future changes. Managers should undergo training in their relevant industries to be enlightened on how businesses work. 

Open mindedness

Managers must be open to new ideas that would help the organization. You must not feel threatened by the ideas of your staff simply because they outshine you. You must be willing to implement ideas that might change your organization for good.


It is essential to give your members of staff the assurance that they can depend on you on whatever issues they are facing. If you are reliable, you members of staff will be motivated to work towards achieving the goals of the organization.


The manager cannot do all activities in the organization without the help of his staff. He must, therefore, assign duties depending with the skills and capabilities of his staff. Delegation of duties ensures that tasks are completed within the stipulated timelines.


Confidence is one of the most influential traits that a leader must possess. This is because the confidence that a manager possess rubs off on his employees, and this is beneficial for the entire organization.

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